China, I am coming!

Despite of being married to a Chinese man, I have never been to China, which probably the most odd thing for a person to be married to a person and never even stepped a foot on her husband's origin nor met her parents-in-law before the marriage.
Well, I had no excuses, but at that time it was not feasible for the time we had and the money, to have a trip to Beijing. Also, both families thought we will have plenty of chances to meet each other in the future time. And that future time for me is finally coming! After only meeting my parents-in-law (Papa and Mama) through chatting and webcam, I soon will have the chance to meet them in person!
I am very excited and happy and cannot wait to see them. Next year we are going home! We plan for the Easter holiday in Beijing, I really look forward to see Papa, Mama and grandparents of Lan and maybe other family members! :) The only issue that I have to work on is my Chinese! So far, I have been improving my vocabularies from Lan, but not by much. I guess I just have to be confident then.

Onto another topic, I had my blood taken on Friday. Lan was there to hold onto my hand, I was scared to death... I had surgery for my broken elbow when I was 7 years old and I always hope I would never even touch a needle again! Results will come in a week, because the doctor requested for a complete test on the blood (whatever they all are!), so we hope nothing serious happens.
Mama (Lan's mum) was very worried and panicked when she knew I was unwell. She cares so much, I am so blessed by The Lord.


  1. walah2, pertama baca judulnya kirain liburan natal ini mau ke china, hahaha

    aku satu2nya kota di china yg pernah aku kunjungi bari Shen Zhen nih, hehehe... :)

    btw, tu dokter dudul amat sih, lama bgt periksanya. Yang baca blog jg pengen tau neh hasilnya, hehe... :) Hopefully it's a good news

  2. deg²an ga sher mo ketemu mertua?
    skalian jalan² ya ke china..

    wah mesti blood test?hope nothing serious..


  3. gue juga belom pernah ke china..ikuuuttt

    nungguin hasil apa, sih ko ? hihihi

  4. China??? Pengeeeeennnn... pengen bikin foto trip ke sana.
    Gimana udah ada perkembangan berita urusan medis?

  5. Hi Sher, gimana abis blood test? Aku gak perah berani yang namanya ambil darah, hiiiy ngeliatnya aja udah pusing.

    Senengnya yang mau ketemu mertua di Chinaaa

  6. Kirain natal N taun baruan di china. Aduh dari dulu pengen bgt ke china lon kesampean. Apalagi bc maharaninya pearl s buck. Makin pengen deh ksana. Ikuuuttttt....


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