Pre-honeymoon story (1)

This afternoon, Lan already left to fly back to Manchester, United Kingdom. We both felt that we shouldn't even let each other go, but... he had to go, so I let him go and take my heart with him to thousands miles away. Anyway, only after Lan went, then I get the time to share with you all about the days after the wedding. As I mentioned we went to Villa Danoya on 6th July 2007 for a 4 nights pre-honeymoon trip. Yes, it's a pre-honeymoon, which means that the real honeymoon is coming up. We are still discussing the right time for it and the destination. Well, I hope it is coming really soon.

06 July 2007
We were picked up by the Villa's car at around 2 pm at that day. Going with us were Han, Erwin and Yulia. They came along for a swim. And so they swam until afternoon, while I was enjoying the free Internet facility from the Villa hehehehe... At night, after dinner at Cafe Tahu with my parents, they dropped us at Galeria 21 Cineplex. We watched Transformer. I have to say it was a very good movie! I enjoyed watching it very much! We came back to Villa at around 12 at night and feeling so tired.

07 July 2007
The second day in the villa, the day of Kuningan (Hindus ceremonial day), the day of so many weddings because of such a good date, and a day of the weekend! Well, on this day, we planned to go to Dreamland beach with Yulia. I heard that Dreamland beach is a very nice beach, white sandy beach much better than the famous Kuta beach. So, we rent a jimny car for the day. At first, it was supposed to be Yulia, who drove, but Lan insisted to see my not-so-perfect driving skill. Therefore, I drove along the By Pass road. Thank God, Lan said my driving skill is not bad at all, except that I liked to speed up hehehehe...
We arrived at Dreamland beach around 12.00 mid-day. It was so so so hot, but I really have to say that the waves were superb! The water was so clear and blue, the view was fantastic! The three of us agreed that one day we will come back for sure. I did not go into the water, as I don't really like to swim in the sea, so I just watched the waves quietly and enjoyed looking at Lan and Yulia swimming. Lan had his chance to try on the short surfing board and he gave up hehehehe... It was a very tiring effort to surf, since he is a beginner, because the wave was simply too strong.We spent several hours (at least until 16.00 afternoon) at the beach. When we left the beach, both Lan and Yulia were exhausted, tired and hungry. And so, we headed to Kuta Square... First stop was Haagen Dazs. Yes, we had some ice cream there. Our favourite ice cream so far! (Lan & I had Strawberry cheesecake, cookies and cream and baileys scoops together) After feeling refreshed, Lan said he was hungry and he suggested we ate at KFC. He was so hungry that he ate 4 chickens at that time!
Heading back to the villa, Yulia prepared herself to go to the airport and fly back to Jakarta. My bestest friend for more than 8 years now... she really took the effort to attend my wedding. Thank you very very much, my sister! Seeing you leaving, I was so sad, because I don't know when is the next time we meet again. However, my promise is true... Lan & I will definitely attend your wedding! ;) *he already said it!* And I was so glad that Lan and you became good friends!

Ok friends, this is already a long post... I will continue it in several days!


  1. wah masih pengantin baru udah berjauhan lg huhu sabar ya sist =)
    btw baca p0stingan ini jd pngen hanimun jg, kapan ya?:p

  2. waaa, pre-hanimun-nya "rame2" nih, ga duaan aja, ha3... :D

    Btw, Dreamland memang kueren banget. Bener2 'dreamland'. Aku dulu kesana seneng bgt loh, renang di laut lama bgt, ga mau naek2. Padahal menurut jadwal cuma 30 menit jadi 1,5 jam deh, huahahahaha... lol. Sayang, tangganya untuk turun bikin capek bgt tuh, he3... :)

    wah, koq udah jauhan yah?? Gpp deh, tar pas hanimun kan jadi dueket banget, he3... :) << sok tau critanya... :D lol

  3. dari belakang keliatan lagi serius nyetir tuh... :D

    beautiful Bali... langitnya cerah, cantik...

  4. lah kapan mo crita malem pertamanya??? hhiihihihih.... ga di rem kan kehamilannya? jadi aku bisa dapet kabar baik lagi dr kamu

  5. I had a best-best friends for over 23 years at the end of this july. So i could understand ur feeling to Yulia. So happy she came to ur wedd. Btw..usdha ditinggal lagi neh...? hehe

  6. Nyetir ya??? Ahahahaha... tapi bukan pake mobil bokap kan??? :D


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