The Wedding

I am -sort of- back now! It went very well on the day! It feels like a dream, but it is so so so true!
A huge thanks to all of you, my dear friends, for the prayers, supports and the congratulations! We really can't do this without your precious prayers. Here is one of the wedding photos we took on the day. The others are coming soon. So, I hope you all will be patient.
Right now, we are waiting to be picked up by Villa Danoya's car. Yes, we are going to have private time together for 4 nights here in Bali. However, this is not a honeymoon, Lan calls it pre-honeymoon time hehehe... We are still deciding and planning about where we should have our honeymoon. :)

Ok friends, this is a quick update from me!

And we are officially announced as... Husband & Wife
We are Mr. and Mrs. Zhang!!


  1. Congrat to both of u,
    Mr. & Mrs. Zhang
    Selamat memulai hidup baru bersama,
    smoga senantiasa selangkah dan seirama di dalam mengisi hari2 anda berdua.
    Tuhan Yesus memberkati!

  2. Waaaw...cantiknya kamu Sher! Sekali lagi selamat yach buat kalian berdua....selamat nikmatin pre-honey moon, GBU too....

  3. wah sist km keliatan anggun n cantik :)
    met berbahagia yaaa,,
    ntar critain dunk h0neym0onnya:p

  4. once again congratz... yach Mr n Mrs Zhang.
    GBU both...

  5. Ah, at last, a whole new story to write! I'm so excited, can't wait to read it =P.

    Be always with God then, 'cause I know God is with you with all His blessing :).

  6. no... I'm impatient to see your wedding photos!!!! :D
    Nice dress, Sherly!! 'gak percuma ngabisin banyak waktu buat gaun itu kan ;)
    Enjoy your time ya mr en mrs Zhang!! :)

  7. hahaha, congratulations yah!! have a great, happy, and everlasting marriage ever after, forever and ever!! :) :) >> dobel2 kata2nya, ha3... :D

    tar crita2 lagi yah, ha3... :D

  8. nikah ya sherr..
    aduh.. selamat yah
    selamat menempuh hidup baru
    bahagia. selamanya

  9. selamat menempuh hidup baru!

  10. kau cantik sekaliiiii.... ;p

  11. Akhirnya... nice to hear that!

    Congratulation for you both.. :-)

  12. Sherly... i'm so happy for u both. Kamu cantik banget.Congrats ya...Enjoy ur time Mr.Mrs. Zhang..can't wait to see the wed's pics and the story also....

  13. cantik banged kamu Sherrr....

    Mr and Mrs Zhang, all the best for your future endeavour yah. Have fun @ the villa =))

  14. Congrats for Mr & Mrs. Zhang

    Ikutan happy for U sher..

    finally u tied the knot with the one u love..

  15. wah selamat y Sher n Lan ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ Monalisa Smile as Sherly, skrg da melebihi Monalisa Smile, always smile y Sher n Lan ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ selalu awet n hati yg tdk berubah selamany u/ slg menyayangi n mencintai 1 sama lainny ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ JBU always Sher n Lan ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ Nikmati Honeymoonny yg intim n hepi y sher ^0^ ^0^ ^0^

  16. Congrat!!!

    Cantik deh Sher, biasanya lihat foto casualmu di blog... pangling jadinya

    Selamat menempuh hidup baru, semoga bahagia dan langgeng selalu selamanya. Salam kenal buat Mr. Zhang

    Pre-honeymoon? hehehehe, kita aja sudah HM yg ke-2 ... enjoy your time ;)

    Oh ya aku pindah rumah ke

    Have a nice time u both


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