Bali Gospel Festival 2007

Starting today, 25th July 2007, until Saturday, 28th July 2007, at GOR Ngurah Rai, Bali Gospel Festival 2007 will be held every evening at 18.00.
Today, there were many miracles happened! The deaf can hear, the crippled can walk and many more! I am full of joy to see Jesus really touched Balinese people with His grace and compassion. Moreover, I am glad to be involved as an usher (so is my brother Erwin) to help my dad and the other team members.

Meanwhile, I am still waiting for the outcome of my visa application. The application went in on Tuesday (yesterday) and 'they' (the appointed agent) said that it will come out in 3 working days, so we shall see.
Lan is eagerly wanting me to return ASAP and I am so impatiently wanting to be with him again. We are missing each other like crazy now! So, friends, please help in prayers for my visa application, so that I can be with my husband again, quickly.

God bless you all!

UPDATE: Visit my prawedding photos album at my MULTIPLY


  1. gut luck yach buat usher'nya n 4 u're visa. GBU yach, sis...

  2. Aloow Sher!!
    CONGRATZ yah say! Aku barusan baca2 cerita pre & pra-weddingnya seruu banget! :) Takjub deh ngeliat poto2 weddingnya, kamu cantik banget... I like your dress! Aku doain yah muga2 bisa bersatu dgn Lan cepet2.
    Take Care!

  3. duh yg gy kangen g sabar mw ktemu misua ampe crazy sgala :p hihihi

  4. wow keren tuh... any photos sis? sekeluarga melayani Tuhan, saya suka itu...

    nanti kalo udah balik ke UK, blogwalkingnya jam 2 malam lagi (waktu Indo).

  5. slamat deh... foto-fotonya jangan lupa di pajang yah


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