Wedding photos

As I promised, I have uploaded our wedding photos to my Multiply. *Since in the villa there is a free unlimited (not stable, but you can't complain! it's free!) Internet, so here I am uploading as many photos as I can*

So, enjoy the photos and you are very very welcomed to leave comments on each photo. I hope browsing through the photos, you will feel our happiness too!

The URL is

Thank you and God bless you!


  1. SELAMAT ya!!! You both look so happy!! he3... :) :)

  2. Baru dari multiply, senenk ngeliat senyum kamu di sana en juga apa yang ada di matamu :)

    Babak-babak yang menegangkan, babak sebelum pernikahan diputuskan, persiapan pernikahan dan prosesing acara nikah itu sendiri sudah dilewati dengan dengan pergumulan dan bangga, semoga semua pengalaman itu juga adalah pelajaran yang akan menguatkan kalian di babak2 berikutnya yang pasti selalu penuh kejutan (terutama di tahun-tahun pertama) dan langkah2 selanjutnya.

  3. Congratulations Nie, God bless you and Lan :) lovely wedding photos..

  4. Dear Sherly & Lan,

    hmmmmm Congratulations!!!
    I believe marriage is a very special stage in life. Give yourselves credit for your courage and commitment. Treasure all aspects of this stage.

    I wish you both just the very best in your future together.
    May you always be happy, always be there for each other and solve all problems together!

    You deserve to have sunshine for the rest of your life!

    XXX Shierly


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