Being in the office...

Been awhile since my last post... I really don't know what to share. From two weeks ago, my routinity has started; going to the 'office' from Monday to Friday.
I call it a great thing, being a PhD student in this country (or maybe just UofL, they give us so many facilities. We got a shared office, where we have our own private PC (which includes the fast Internet) and our own desk. We even get all the stationary, coffee and teas provided for us! (You just have to bring your own cup!) However, those facilities really pay off what we are actually doing. Real research, real thinking. No more lectures, you work on your own motivation under the guidance of your supervisors.

Well, I have to thank The Lord for giving me such nice supervisors, that I knew well during my Master degree. But I am not pleased to say that I am having a hard time coming back to study after one year of rest. Still, I am trying my best, although sometimes it does give me a severe headache.
Another motivation would be that I have Lan to be in the same office with me, he helps me a lot in bringing back all the memory of 'Computational Logics and their friends...'

A drawback about having a private desk in your faculty building is that you will have to be in the office often enough (or maybe almost everyday?) so that whenever your supervisors look for you, they will definitely find you. Although, I personally prefer working at home. An additional drawback will be, you have to go to the 'office' and yet you have to pay tuition fees!! That doesn't make sense, does it? Well, once again, I thank The Lord for granting me the full scholarship, life becomes much lighter in a way.

Well, friends, that's my first impression of the PhD course. Right now, I feel so fed up with all the works I am stuck at, that's why I wrote this post hehehe... God bless ya, friends!


  1. wah, ternyata kuliah S3 beda bgt ya sama kuliah2 di tingkat S1, hehehe, research, udah ga ada teori2an lg ya... :D

    Enak bgt tu, berasa udah kerja, ha3... :) dikasi kopi lg, enaknya... lol

  2. Blessings for u Sher, orang2 banyak yang gak bisa nerusin sekolah karena biaya, kamu bisa sekolah terus...mudah2an berhasil ya!
    Btw, aku masih di Semarang nih. Abis kepanasan siangnya, malem diguyur hujan deras di sini! hehehe...lekker!

  3. Masih suka begadang di kantor? ;)

  4. hallo sher, lama aku tak kesini, sudah berubah warna, apa kabar? met belajar and kerja ya

  5. sher... udah mulai jaga post ya? hihihi:D
    aku bae² aja sher, aku panggil² kamu loh kemaren, cuman kamu nya sing ga nyaut. tak pikir kamu ga online...


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