I am home!

Not just any home, but my husband's and my home... I am so glad to be back together with him again. It was a series of long flights and 'stomach filled with butterflies' feeling, but it was so worthed it!

I had great times with my parents and siblings in Bali. My eczema eventually was gone after careful medication and additional treatment. Praise God! However, I missed Lan terribly... I cannot deny that!
My life, my feelings are so much different after I have Lan in my life. Of course, in a good way! I felt I am not complete when we are apart. Thank God for such a wonderful husband I have!

When we were finally together again, after two months, we hugged tightly. I was so speechless. Millions of emotions were bursting out of me. I was in joy.
I pray that never again, I will be apart from him. Next time, if I must, I will take him along with me...

And, now is blogwalking time! :D


  1. dear nie..
    hubby is part of us after marriage..u'r totally right..
    my hubby just come back from Indonesia last 3 days..
    uuuhhh God I missed him badly...

  2. NIee
    welcome home n never a part with your hubby yah !!!
    duhh baca nya turut seneng deh . syukurlah semua berjalan lancar !

  3. welcome baaaaaacccckkkkk

    eh perasaan alma juga ya perginya.

    mudah2x-an si eksim gak kumat lg

  4. wah senengnya udah balik... udah sembuh dong ya?? :)

  5. hehe, happy ya ya ya happy ye ye ye :)
    puji tuhan eczema nya udah ilang ya.

  6. Welcome Back!! haha

    THX God everything is perfectly fine, hehehe

  7. hadoh,bingung mau koment apa,kayagnya butuh translate nih gue,hehehehehe

  8. welcome back...selamat jg dah sembuh...selamat jg dah bisa menikmati pelukan suami....selamat jg dah bisa blogwalking....

  9. selamat ya Sherly, seneng bisa kumpul suami lagi dan yang penting kamu dah sembuh... udah... mesra2-an sepuasnya ya...hahahha
    Thank you dah visit ke rumah mayaku...

  10. senengnyaaa yang udah disamping si hubby...enjoy every moment ya sher...it's a blessing...

  11. sher, welcome back yach hehe.... n enjoy ur 2 month days been apart from ur hubby..
    gbu n lan ya

  12. wuah akhirnya balik lagi.... :)

  13. wiiii kebayang perasaan2 itu....
    kalau dipikir emang Tuhan itu luar biasa ya Sher...menciptakan that kind of feeling untuk pasangan2....(dian ibung)


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