I was touched deeply when Lan sent me a text message yesterday, saying that he is missing me and home. Ah... our little home. It might not be posh, just a little sort-of flat with only a bedroom (which is also the living room and the study room), a kitchen and a bathroom full with its own flaws and far from the kind of place we both want to live in. However, we grew to love it over the 2-years we've been living in it. It's our little home, the home where at the end of the day, when we return, we can say 'at last... we're home.' It's the little cocoon, where we both feel most comfortable in, just the both of us. :)

Yes, I miss home too... because right now our home is incomplete, without Lan being in there, it feels hollow, as if it's missing something; an element that makes it our little warm home. I wonder whether anybody ever feels like that too?

I am thankful to God that I am learning to appreciate Lan's presence more through this temporary separation. That no matter how posh or magnificent is a house for us to live, it won't ever be a home for me if Lan's not there. He is my other half, the one that makes the house a home to me. And I know, the same goes for him too. For we are not two entities any more, we are a whole piece and can't live without each other... And it seems that he also took my creative mind away with him, coz somehow my mood of scrapping disappears all together!!!


  1. wahh saling keilangan .. perfect couple !

  2. Duh, jadi sedih... :-(

    Cepat pulang ya, Lan!

  3. iya betul... i feel the same too... :)

  4. iya bener2.. abis pergi jalan2 kalo pulang ke rumah tuh rasanya lega ya, seenak2nya kamar hotel tetep lebih enak kamar sendiri :)
    wah..jadi lagi off scrapbook ni hehe..

  5. weh, langsung akeh rek postingane :)
    aku ngakak2 dewe di kantor pas baca (sayang) kill the goat

    :D :D :D :D it brighten my day :)
    kamu meh bikin kambing guling tah, sayang?
    :) :)
    eniwei.... your home sweet home is not perfect without him ya
    :):)ya sutra....jangan sedih2 yaaa
    bentar lagi kan meh mbalek kesini

    lan bisa makan terang bulan sak sukane dee mbek sayur asin khas mamamu :)
    aku ntar ikutan makan deh


  6. iiiih...emang ditinggal sendirian paling gak enak sher...aku yg ditinggal ama calvin aja masih berasa lonely...apalagi sherly yang sendirian...tapi ntar pulang bisa mesra"an deh...hehehehehe...

  7. perasaan lan baru pergi deh. dah balek lg ya ? hahhaa gak kerasa (bininya yg kerasa wekekkek)

    home sweet home


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