A Special Prayer

No fancy present I have for your special day...
Nor a factory-made card to give you...
Not that I don't care enough...
A special prayer I would like to give you;
That wisdom and blessings of God are poured out from the heaven above...
That everlasting love, joy and peace shower each of your days...
And that my Lord, Jesus Christ, guides and takes care of you wherever you may go.
Jesus loves you!
And so do I. :D

Happy birthday, Lan!

Unfortunately, the birthday boy has to spend his day on the train coming back to Liverpool from Cambridge with his friends. Well, I hope he gets back safely.
Untuk beberapa hari ini bakal away from blogwalking, karena mau fokus untuk ngerjain essay (Clustering algorithms & Buchi Automata) *anybody wants to help?!*
So... for those that celebrate it, I would like to say:
Have a blessed Easter!
May the joy of His resurrection fill your hearts and strengthen your faith!
God bless you all!

Thank you, Jesus, for loving me.


  1. wah.. met ultah buat 'Lan' ya... Lan yang mana sih? bf itu kah? :D bukan ya?? *maloow*

    wah.. easter ya.. :D

  2. nyaa... ulang tahun di kereta, unik juga tuuuh... tp sendirian? hahaha.. lebih unik laig

    happy birthday ke lan ^^

  3. Happy birthday buat Lan nya sherly...

    Happy easter juga yah buat sherly dan Lan..

  4. Happy B-Day buat LAN en selamat paskah buat kalian berdua

  5. happy b`day buat lan yah ...... gimana kabar nya sistah ???

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