Despicable ME!

Have you watched this movie? If you haven't, I'd suggest you watch it!
Lan and I went with no clue what the story is about, but we ended up laughing and loving this movie to pieces!
Well, I won't spoil the movie for you, so that you'll enjoy the curiosity of watching it... but just so you know, this movie is not just for kids! The majority of the audience when we watched it was a parent with kids... and at the start, we felt like we're kids as well, but, after the movie was finished, we found out we, adults, got something to learn from this movie. Not just lesson, we got to laugh pretty hard and fun! I laughed until I cried hehehe...

We chose to watch the 2D because it was cheaper and more enjoyable because we both feel uncomfortable for having to wear 2 pairs of glasses; our own glasses and the 3D glasses. Even so, I love the quality of the animation of this movie! So clear and cute!

So, I hope, if you decide to watch it, you will enjoy it as much as we do. ;)

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  1. blom nonton sher, gak tau juga disini udah maen blom yah? gua sih pengen nonton eat, pray, love wiken ini :D

  2. belum nonton.. kudu nunggu dvd nya.. :D

    btw buat viol, di indo udah main vi.. udah lewat... :D

  3. Belum nonton Sher, udah lama bgt ga nonton bioskop. Bagus ya Sher? nti ah tunggu dvd-nya baru nonton.

    Viol: katanya ceritanya eat, pray, love kurang bagus yah.

  4. nunggu dvd nya aja deh...mana ada krucil dua, ke bios mana sempettt....

  5. film kartun yak?? demen sich..tapi bole lah kalo ada waktu nontonnya..jadi penasaran nih gara2 nie :)

  6. waaaa sherlyyyy, ini film animasi favoritku tahun ini!! despicable me soo funny! terutama bagian: does this count as annoying *kliklaklokloklakloklo* *tepuk2 pipi*.. hhahahahahahahaha!

    btw, how are you?

  7. blum nontooon, katanya hilarious ya?? Waaaahhh...


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