It's only 10 weeks to...


Can you believe that?! I can't! Wow time is faster than just flying! I feel like 2010's new year day was just yesterday and now we are approaching Christmas already! The shops are selling Christmas trees, decorations and gifts already!

WOW... soon it's going to be 2011. I am excited! Lan and I have lots of plans and we really hope that most of those plans can come to reality. :) I am super excited that Lan is finishing off his PhD on 6th December 2010. So at least he can start looking for jobs and we are not limited for just being students.

I am nearing the end of my driving lessons. Hopefully next month I'd be confident enough to do my practical driving exam! I want to have my proper license and I start to enjoy driving and able to control the car better than before.

Oh well... I better go and do my work now. Take care!


  1. pasti semuanya akan tercapai, Sher......

  2. iya yah ga kerasa sebentar lagi 2010 akan berlalu , cepet amat yah
    wahh syukurlah bentar lagi bisa ngelayap bawa mobil sndr ha22, sukses yah untuk next year juga ! oh iya Lan jg dah tamat n moga2 segera dapet kerjaan yg bagus ! Good Job !

  3. iyaaa mau xmas!!! seruuu... senaaaannnggg... hehehe.

  4. iya, gua juga heran kemaren kok di mall udah jual pohon natal aja, ternyata emang udah dekat ya... gak berasa ya..

  5. Di jogja kayaknya lum ada tanda-tanda kayaknya

    apa aku yang jarang jalan ya???

  6. Good luck with the exam...
    Kita nunggu acara Sinterklasan nih, suka liat reaksi anak2 pas dapet kado :D

  7. Iya ga kerasa udah mo christmas lagi yah. Di sini sih toko2 dah mule jualan dekorasi natal dari agustus. huahaha...

  8. Iya yah. Gak kerasa bentar lagi natal. Artinya bentar lagi tahun 2011 dong.


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