Fallen Leaves... New Hopes Will Grow

[A thought]
As I was walking across the parking lots of the University to the bus stop, I stepped on piles of fallen leaves with different brown colours... Some light browns, some dark browns, some yellowy browns and some greenish...
As I moved forward, wind blew other leaves separating them from the branches they were attached to. It was like walking in a rain of leaves.

This happens every year; every autumn; in between late September and November.
And the trees become 'bald', leafless...
Not really a pleasant scenery, really! A bunch of trees in the park without any leaves, but I think, if they (the trees, I mean) were given choices, they will still choose this way... Being bald in the autumns and winters.

Yet... they won't be stay bald for the rest of their lives! When winter passed away, spring comes! New buds around the branches, new leaves grow gracefully... a sign of a new growth, a new life, a new glory!

In the middle of spring, they will be ready... trees full of leaves, ready to greet the coming summer. The birds come and rest under the branch; to cool down or to continually live under its shadows, which gives peace and comfort.
And so the fallen leaves paid off for the better, greener and more beautiful growth in the future.

So is our lives...
There are things that The Lord wants us to give up in this present time; things that may be dearly to us that we hold them so tight and don't want to let go, things that have been around and so familiar in our lives.

Let us learn from the trees and the fallen leaves...
Letting go those precious 'leaves' may not be an easy task, but when The Lord asks us to do so, He will give us the strength to accomplish it. He will be with us and guide us step by step *even if we don't feel it*
For when He does that, He already stores something better, something more beautiful and delightful for us in replace of the things we give up.

In that way, we grow each day... better, 'greener' and more beautiful in the eyes of The Lord.
Let us learn... from the fallen leaves.

God bless you all! Have a blessed weekend! Take care!


  1. Nice post. :)
    Have a great & blessed weekend ya Sher :)

  2. jadi ingin kesana sher.. ;)
    tapi gak tahu apa bisa terkabul he..he..
    bikin aku tambah bermimpi ke sana ;)

  3. Met wiken ya, Sher... God bless u too :)
    Memang... pemandangan indah sering membuat kita kembali berpikir ke Atas :P

  4. sama seperti disini suasananya Sher...met wiken ya...
    lagi nyicil blogwalking nih :))

  5. postingan yang indah ^_^

    Met Wiken Sher. eh mungkin disana udah hari senin ya kekekekeke.

  6. Postingan kali ini aku suka, Sher..

    Jadi pengen nyanyi lagu Autum Leaves..

  7. aa..sherr tau gag..waktu ke blog eluh gw males baca postingannya,,tapih suara hati mengatakan buat baca,,ya sudah sayah baca..*wwhuaa,,,saya ketemPLak banget nich..*..

    for now,i never feel god's present..huh,,lg jauh nich sher..*sedih..*

    thx yah buat postingannya,,memberkati sekali,,

  8. a very good thought, indeed...
    inspiring bgt :)

  9. met weekend .. met puasa ... met bolong bolong ... ahahahahha .. btw puasa gak sher?

  10. waaah bagus banget postingnyaa...
    god bless you too yaaa...

  11. jadi pengen ke Liverpool neh heheheh....have a nice day 2 sist:)

  12. Waaaaa..... :((
    Bagug...eh..bagus buuaaanggeetttt...
    Thx 4 da light sis...

  13. wahh falls yah? hiks romantis donks...

  14. wahh isinya bagus bgt, dari judulnya aja keren... Seperti yang dibilang, disetiap kegagalan pasti ada sebuah keberhasilan nantinya... sama sajakan dengan istilah judul ini.. hehehe

  15. autumn telah tiba ....itu berati winter coming soon scaryyyyyyyy....ditempat te kade udah duinginnn seklai kemaren udah hidupin hitter-nya :(

    good day girl

  16. waaa.. makin meyakinkan tulisanmu, sher. :)
    bless you too.

  17. like the use of nice similes :) bisa ngebayangin vividly, hehehehe. hope you had a nice weekend!!! :)

  18. udah selasa neh.. met hari selasa ya mbak :D makasih bwat doanya :)

  19. waaaaaaa.. musim gugur.. musim mellow kalo buat vi3 sih.. hmmm..

  20. setojoh...
    bagus banget postingannya sher:-)

  21. Ola Sherly, long time no see.. Ummm kayaknya postingan km yang ini, pantes masuk Our Daily Bread.. ada referensi ayatnya? hehe.. Met Kuliah Sher..

  22. sher.. emang koment vi3 keluar ga di SB? susah sekali pake doneeh di sini.. :(

  23. aduh sherly relijius sekali kamu yaa .. eh tapi aku suka liat pohon2 kalau musim gugur, sebelum gugur daunnya jadi kuning trus coklat. . aiih romantiiiiss .. cieh .. GBU too sher !

  24. say aq turut berduka cita yah atas musibah yg menimpa bali... duhh ampe tmen km juga kena korban... qt berdoa yg terbaik aja yah bwt indonesia ;)

  25. wonderful thought!!!
    ...leting go means receive more...
    so nothing to lose in God...once again wonderful thought...thanks for the sharing sis ^^

  26. sometimes the trees dry and die before the leaves fallen...
    thanks Sherly for sharing such incredible thought...

  27. wah asik yah, aku belom pernah tuch liat daun2 warna merah semua..musim gugur, romantis kali yee..:)

    happy wiken sist!

  28. nice story..
    happy wikend Sher...

  29. Met nyekar yoo nduk hehehe *hug


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