at HRC KutaWhen I was at home, we took several family photos. This particular one was taken in Hard Rock Cafe, Kuta, when we were having lunch with a family friend.
We also got some studio photos taken, which at first turned out to be a complete disaster, since my little brother played with his dumb looks! Luckily enough, the photographer was a kind gentleman. He gave us the chance to re-do the photos again. That means, we had to dress up again *since we already changed to a normal outfit*

the studio photoSo before and during the second retake, we continuously warned Han-han (my little bro, red.) to not do the dumb expressions again. Otherwise... *grins*

I really thank God, it's a Friday again! Yeah! I can't actually believe that it's already Friday again. Time really flies like rocket huh?
I am, at the moment, enjoying suffering my time doing programmings. It is hard to get used to, since it is so different to Mathematics. Usually, when I was doing Maths, I would be actively copying what the lecturer writes on the whiteboard to my notebook. However, now, all I have to is sit, look at the slideshows the teacher prepares for us. It is so very boring!! *That's all I can tell you out of it!*
And understanding the theorem is completely different to applying all those magic words to become a decent-working program! Now, I would wonder myself... "Why did I take this course?!" Oh well... there is no use thinking of that, is there?

Well... to get my stress out of my brain, I am starting to knit a scarf again. Yeah... another scarf! I finished one when I was at home. I was intending to make it for myself, but my grandma likes it at the first minute she saw it, besides, she needs one anyway since she's not as fit as she used to be anymore. So... I gave it to her. I was happy that she wears it alot. My mum told me to make some more for some dear family-friends... *hang on a second! I only have two hands and this really depends on my mood! Haha!*
I also made one brown scarf for my brother, and he's wearing it in Brighton! *happy* I think I can make a business out of it prety much now :P but I am still learning to do simple patterns now. So... still a beginner. :)
my latest hobbySo, here I am, doing another scarf. It started several days ago, when I went to the market for my groceries. I stopped by a yarn shop, there I saw some prety purple yarns. I fell in love with the colour, so I bought it straight away. Hehehe! It's a good hobby and actually producing something! *grin*

Sometimes, I do stress out when I make a mistake, especially if I spot it after I am already getting so far from it. I have to take off all the knits until the wrong spot and do them all over again. But... it's still fun I think! It's much more cheaper than buying a new scarf in the shop... it's just taking quite some times to finish it, that's all. :)

Oh well... I don't actually know what was my intention of typing this post, but... just regard this as a little news from me :D
Okay... I hope you all have a blessed weekend and a fun one! Take care, everyone!

God bless!


  1. kamu ternyata punya banyak ade ya sher! org tua masih keliatan muda banget lho..
    gw sih paling gak sabaran suruh knitting..bisa kribo duluan deh..selamat knitting deh, mudah2an your mum's friend give you a compensation kalo jadi bikin sesuatu!

  2. allow sherly pha kabar ??
    itu foto keluarganya bagus ..sherly di foto mirip mama yach ???

    te kade udah lama banget ngak pernah knit.... gimana school ?

    di niagara falls udah duinginnnn brrrrrr

    have a good weekend yach

  3. so talented yah! i wish i can knit, tried but was too impatient, hihihihi, hope you have a lovely weekend sweetie :)

  4. mmmmh, keluarga yang damai yah. semoga selalu dalam lindungan Tuhan.

  5. wah... menyulam... hebat.. bisa yach...? nisa jga dulu suka mimpi bisa bikin merajut begitu.. but malas belajarnya.. :p hauhau...

  6. Duh, rajin banget Sher.. nyulam.. Bikinin aku sweater dunk.. he..he..

  7. wah hepi family nih...:)

    iseng2 knitting buat bajunya compi lu hehehe

  8. wah bisa merajut

    aku liat cara panduan di internet sampek skarang gak mudeng2 tuh
    payah ya akue?

    liat tusukannya sing mbulet
    payah nih akue..

    hix ajarin dunk
    kapan pulang :)

  9. eh sher, kamu mirip mama kamu ya..dedenya yg paling kecil imut deh,ihihih..

    rajin bgt knitting^_^, aku ga bisa knitting,harus sabarrr..disini autumnnya aneh lho sher, udah berapa hari kaya summer

  10. waaa mamamu cantik skali mirip kamuuu...uupss...salah kamu cantik skali mirip mamamu denk mustinya yak? hehhehe...
    wadoh merajut...rajin skalliii

  11. sherly yg mana? yg kecil yg baju putih ya? hjshsihishs...

  12. sher.. potonya bagus euy keren pisan:) pengen banget bisa knit.. udah coba, tapi ternyata hese yah... yah sudah, aku nunggu dibikinin kamu ajah dah:D hehehehe...

    nenek bilang: gak boleh sutris.. so, take it easy.. and jo in sung ajah dah:D

  13. Sher Sher.. Justru ade tuh pengen bangeeeeeeeeeeeet bisa ngambil course yang sekarang km ambil.. I mean.. I miss them so much.. Ayooo Jangan sia sia in ya sher.. inget ini.. Kolose 3:23 Okay...
    Dendy 'ade'

  14. ih kamu bisa yah sher,aku udah 7 thn ga bisa2,kalo lg pgn sweater baru minta dibikinin ama mami mertua (jd mo malu)

    keluarga bahagia Sher.. shalom.

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