The fourth Week

Yeehaaaa!!! I am in my fourth week of first semester now! A third-way to the holiday! Hehehe... I know you all will say, "Hey! You just started Uni again, how come you are already thinking about Christmas holiday?!" Hehehe... because I do! *grin*

I am actually very very excited for the coming holiday! Why? Because I want to go to BRIGHTON!! Yeah... I miss my family so much, so the best escape will be visiting my brother :) I can't wait to there, because a lot of people say it is a beautiful place! I have seen some photos that my bro took, they even made more excited to go there! Haha...

Right now I am feeling a bit odd uncomfortable with the lectures that I have... Yeah it is a truly advantage being the only female in the group! But still... they are all boys *sigh*

I had a busy weekend... I tried to do as much as I could with my homework and I am very happy with what I did over the weekend. The weather aren't too bad either lately... not too cold and NOT rainy! *Thank God!*
Everywhere I walk, there are brown and yellow leaves pilling up... They are beautiful, though...

Hmm... I think that's all for now! Take care everyone! I hope you all will be having a good week!

To someone again...
You still made me smile... Thank you.


  1. hahahahaa...
    dah mikirin liburan yaah ...sama Sher i can't wait !! huphuphup tinggal 2 minggu lagih aku pulaaang :P

    eh dah salju kah disana?

  2. wah gag kerasa ya dah week 4.. libur libur libur.. sekalian libur chrismas donk, sher?

  3. Howdy sista,
    mizz u much, long time no see :)
    udah masuk autumn belom disana?

  4. this is what i miss about school/college/uni, heheh, all the holidays!!! not fond of autumn or winter though, its too cold to go on my bike!! :( Cant wait for Spring, hehehe :)

  5. asyikk...asyikk...hampir libur..... Adekmu jadi nyusul ke sono yah?

  6. hi sherly sayang...
    asikkk x'mas bisa bareng2 ama ya bro ...pasti seru deh ....

    te kade blom tau nich x'mas mo kemana .....soalnya ini x'mas mertua diengland :( kayaknya ...not sure yet ....

    gimana school ???

  7. wuahh..senengnyah liburan hohoho

    sist, ternyatah susah jugak bikin postingan 1500an kata huhuhu.

  8. assiikk.. aku loh bentar lagi mau mudik.. terus makan kupat ama opor ayam... mau tah ? tapi ga tau ding.... wong aku dewe durung tuku tiket *dzziigg* :D

  9. ok la..
    happy facing holiday..
    hope all will be excited as you expected..


  10. asyiiikkk...liburan kli ini ada temannya dong...gak terasa ya udah mo natal lagi...

  11. Wah... mau liburan ke Brighton... asik bangettt,,, XD

  12. wew g nyadar yah dah sebulan aja km disana huhu disana lg musim apa? eh klo ngegebetna tmen blog gmn hayooo pdktna, kan jauh :P

  13. wah sama donk sher, udah mikirnya natal juga..ihihihih,bentar lagi kog..enak ya skg adikmu di UK jg, jadi kangen tinggal disamperin, jauh ga BRIGHTON dr liverpool?


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