What's in a name?

I have started to feel the real pain of having a long and unusual surname since I was 15 years old, when I went to Australia to study. And since then, I really have a bitter-sweet relationship with my surname. After more than 10 years hearing people pronouncing my surname weirdly, I kind of get used to it.

When I officially became Mrs. Zhang, we decided not to change my maiden name. Simply because there are just too much paperworks to go through and we did not really have the time, the money and the energy to do it. So, the reality is that I am Mrs. Zhang by reality and Ms. Nietiadi on the legal stuffs.

Do you know what's painful about that mouthful maiden name? It's when I need to tell people my surname, whoever they be, I'll have to spell it to them at least twice and *gah* that's one long surname. Or, even, when someone sent me an e-mail and they said they typed it right but it bounces back to them and they said there was something wrong with my e-mail. It turned out to be they didn't type my surname correctly. That's frustrating!
Well, I guess I am not the only one having this problem right? Most of the Indonesians and the European people do have that same problem, but I guess we just have to live with it!

Do you know what was so silly? I squeaked in joy when I heard the master of ceremony of my Bachelor graduation said my surname correctly back in 2005. No one had ever said it right unless they had me saying it to them first, even so, rarely people got it right the first 2 attempts!

So, do you have any funny or strange experiences regarding your name? Do share.


  1. hauahhahaa.. ya sama kayak last name gua sher!!! ribet abis pas pindah kemari. :P

    kalo pas di indo kan gampang. tinggal nyebut trus dikasih penjelasan pake ejaan lama, pasti udah bener.

    lha kalo disini... duh mau spell satu2nya aja ribet banget. hahaha.

  2. iya sher,disini ktp last namenya jd XXX,blaahhh
    katanya klo JK itu kaya 2 first name,en disini memang ga mengenal jg pas married pake last name suami..jadii pasraaahh..mrs.XXX,hihihhih


  3. hehehe, sama donk sher, surname-ku skr juga susah banget diejanya. :p makanya aku lebi suka bikin appointment langsung face-to-face, ga via phone; jadi langsung kasi aja photo id, trus dia suruh liat & ketik sendiri :p haha..

  4. haha.. gua gak ada surname :P
    gak enaknya tiap mo beli airasia surname gua isi first name, jadi name gua double gitu hihi..

  5. untung aku kaga, hehehe :-D

  6. kenalin.... my name is Fir'aun Van Java.. :D hehehe


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