Oh I forgot!

Remember that somewhere late in June I wrote that we were planning to get a new pair of wedding bands? Well, I completely forgot to say that those bands/rings were finally finished in mid-September! Yeah, it took them 2 MONTHS!

Anyway, we love how they look, much simpler than our original wedding bands. Instead of white, we chose the original golden colour, with one little princess-cut diamond each, whereas our original ones have the round diamond on each. Mine is slightly thinner band than Lan's and obviously the diamond is also smaller, but I love it. Here is how they look... *since I'm in the office, I just share the scrapbook pages I made with the photos*

For credit, please look HERE.

And with a bigger photo:

For credits, please look HERE.

Now that the ring fits Lan's finger perfectly, he wears it everyday as he promised me. =) Although, when the weather is hot, his fingers/hands will swell and he has to wear it on his pinky finger, but at least it fits. Does anyone has any problem like that?

Oh well... maybe when I get home, I'll post a photo of our rings on its own. =)


  1. gua adanya cincin kawin beneran, itupun jarang dipake, karna kita berdua males pakenya hihi..

  2. me me me...
    dulu sih muat,tp abis turun mesin 2x,eh jarinya ikutan memuai jg=)),jd ya syu..dah lama ga pake,B jg sama ga pake, ga betahan gitu sih..


  3. 2 bulan lama jg ya, tp bagus hasilnya kan Sher. yg penting fit untuk jarinya Lan.

  4. Iya, banyak orang yang katanya sih kalau musim panas jarinya membesar, dan pas musim dingin jarinya mengecil.

    Itu minimal yang dibilang penjual cincin pas kami beli cincin kawin. Pendapat yang menyebabkan cincin kawinku sering lepas, kapanpun, nggak musim dingin, nggak musim panas. :-p

    Congrats ya, buat cincin impiannya! :-D

    As for me, bapaknya anak-anak lupa di mana dia taruh cincin kawinku pas mau masuk ruang operasi. Alhasil sekarang aku tanpa cincin kawin, bebas lirik kiri-kanan... *digeplak*

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