One of those long Fridays

That's today! Lan had a dentist appointment this morning at 09.50am. The point was to check his wisdom teeth, the dentist said last week that he might be able to do some filling on the teeth.
However... when we got in, he said that he won't be able to put some filling *he thinks* because those teeth were pretty bad. Tada! He changed his mind without informing us?! He was just straight away saying that *after last week's appointment* he looked at the teeth x-ray and the odds are slim to do put filling. So the options are removing them or leaving them until they create pains! What the...?!
No, doctor, that does NOT help a thing!

Knowing Lan and dentist do not go together, removing teeth is WORSE! I was going insane in my mind; listening to the dentist, looking at Lan, who was growing nervous ever more. Nope. It's not good. Lan does not work that well under unpleasant pressure.
And, as much as I agree with the dentist about removing those bad teeth, I tried to control myself. I was not going to force him. If those teeth were to be removed, it has to be Lan's decision. I am really glad I didn't push him, because at the end, he chose to remove the worst out of two teeth (better than none, right?!)

He was as nervous as he ever be! He gripped the hand-rest of the chair tightly as if his life hangs onto it and breathed so heavily. BUT, he did it! I am super proud of him for being brave, for taking the decision by himself!
It turned out to be a very wise decision, because the wisdom tooth is basically dead and rotten. So that will save him all the pain that he could possibly get in the future.
As for the other problematic tooth, I said 'take your time'.

Right now his left cheek looks a bit swollen and his gum is a bit sore, but so far he survives. His mood was up and down the whole day, especially after we were just out of the dentist's building, but ice cream does the job to cheer him up ;)

All in all, he really has improved a LOT! *Can you feel that I am a proud wife?! Hehe*

Onto another topic, after the dentist, we went to the jeweller that we've been going for awhile. It was Lan's idea that, since we are going to celebrate our third anniversary, it will be good to get a new pair of wedding bands (rings).
Our original ones are both too big for us. I have to wear mine on the middle finger, Lan just couldn't wear it, because he almost lost it once. Well, those pairs I bought without him there. I bought them in Surabaya while he was still in UK (he flew to Bali 2 weeks before the wedding!). So he didn't get to say anything about the rings.

So now, he picks the models he likes and ones that will actually fit us both perfectly. Today, after so many trips, we finally made the decision to order the ones we agreed on. =)
Well, it won't be done until around August probably, because the bands are custom-made and we also asked for a diamond to be set on each ring. So there will be a few more trips to the jeweller; one for when the rings are done (to check the size and the models), one for when the diamonds are set on the rings and hopefully the last one is when the engraving is done.
I am super excited to see them when they are all done. I really hope they do an excellent job on those rings!

Phew, that was a longggggggg post! Anyhow, have a blessed weekend, everyone!

God bless!


  1. emangnya cincinnya gak bisa diresized sher?

    happy weekend ya!

  2. Sher, cincinku jg kebesaran, aku selalu pake di jari tengah juga. hehehe. soalnya byk yang recommend, lebih baek kebesaran, nanti pas hamil biasanya jari2 tangan lebih besar. sayang kan pas hamil ga bisa pake cincin kawin. =)

    wisdom teethnya tumbuhnya miring apa knp Sher? soalnya punyaku yg sebelah kiri sampe skr cuma tumbuh setengah, jadi bolong di tengah. mo ke dentist,aku ketakutan setengah ampun, jd ga periksa2 nih :p

    have a gud weekend yahh... next week wed ann.nya. cepet bgt rasanya. hehe..

  3. hehee aku suka loh ke dokter gigi..malah kadang cabut gigi jadi kayak kebiasaan hehehe :) tapi sekarang udah ga lage kok...
    semoga hasil cincinya bagus yak.. :)

  4. iya say , kenapa gak di resized aja ya biar pas , entar loe di sangka masih single dan banyak yg naksir loh ...hihihi

  5. Happy weekend bu guru :)

  6. waaa, itu removing wisdom-teethnya kaga dibius gitu ya? Maksudnya, kaya mencabut gigi biasa gitu?? Jadi kitanya sadar trus si dokter ngobok2 mulut kita?? Weeeew!!! Hebat tuh Lan bisa mengatasi perasaan kaya gitu!!!

    Anyway, moga2 cincinnya jadinya keren deh. Kayanya bagus ya soalnya ada diamond-nya, wkwkw

  7. gw baca postingan ini sambil meringis2 sendiri , gigi gw juga banyak yang ga beres :(
    hepi wiken sher , kalo cincinnnya uda jadi jangan lupa ditag disini :)

  8. brarti tinggal satu gigi lagi yang bakal dicabut ya sher.. emang wisdom teeth itu nyusahin, untung gua juga udah nyabut dua2nya.. nyabutnya pake operasi lagi, darah dimana2 hehehe..

    iya sher, cincin kawin gitu kan bisa di-resize.. dulu waktu gua beli sih orangnya bilang gitu, tapi gua gak pernah pake juga, takut ilang :P


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