Been awhile since I last posted. It's like I want to post but I don't know what...
Life has been just the same routine over and over again, except for last week, where I had to go to Manchester for a workshop for 3 days. Some parts of it were very useful. I got to get some tips on job interviews, career planning and some insights on related career prospects. It was tiring though, because we had to leave really early in the morning and return a bit late to avoid the peak-hours traffic jams. There was one day where we arrived there at 9AM, but my program did not start until 12PM. Good thing the venue was in the city centre, so I just went out and about to kill time.

For more than 4 weeks now, every week I accompany Lan to go to dentist. He was getting a denture, since some of his teeth were pulled out because they were badly damaged. Now that the denture is done, the dentist found out that both of his wisdom teeth are having bad cavities. So, this Friday, we have to back to the dentist to check on those two teeth. Finger crossed, it's not so bad...
I have to say that Lan has improved greatly on managing his reaction about going to the dentist. He's not throwing a fit any more. It's just that, every time he has to open his mouth for a check, he will grip the hand-rest of the seat very tightly. I guess he still needs some more practice, eh? Hehe... But I'm truly proud that he is now more willing to get his teeth in great condition! I love him more for the effort he's put in. ;)

Last week, I finally sent my application for a provisional driving licence. Yes, I am going to re-learn my driving skill and aiming to get a UK driving licence. Pffft, the price of the lessons is quite expensive, so I have to be 'smart' (as Lan said) and learn quickly so it doesn't cost a fortune.
In the mean time, Lan is becoming more diligent in teaching me some Chinese words. Starting with some vegetables names and, now, we are moving onto fruit names. I picked up some of them easier than the others, but, he is so patient with me! So, I can say that I enjoy the learning process :)

Well, that's it for now. I was stuck with my programming, now I am going to try it a little bit more :p

God bless!


  1. Hi Sher, great to read your updates. Eventhough it's the same routine, you do have nice quality time, aite? :)
    U gonna work in UK? or in China? At the end, you gonna move to Beijing, if I'm not mistaken. Good to hear that you've improved ur chinese vocabs. :)

  2. moga2 lan segera beres urusan giginya ya...
    dan moga2 lu bisa segera dapet sim ya sher!!!

  3. Hi Sher , sukses ya say les nyetirnya biar cepet dpt sim-nya , juga les bahasa mandarinnya dari lan moga2 lancar juga ya ..

  4. Pd takut ya kalo ke dentist hehe

    Semoga sukses ya drivingnya

  5. wisdom teeth emang suka bikin masalah, punya gua udah dicabut dua2nya, david tiga2nya abisnya suka selip makanan :P

    nyetir di europe bukannya lebih gampang? hehe.. semoga sukses ya ujian sim-nya sher, nanti kalo udah bisa bahasa cina, blognya jangan pake bahasa cina yaaa hihi :P

  6. cieee
    nyetir oiii
    suit suittt....

    eniwei kok setiap ke blogmu ada ad- pop up gitu ya?
    rada lumayan mengganggu sih
    just curios aja

  7. btw nie mo nanya,penasaran aja, si Lan mank aslinya dari Cina yak? hehehe soalnya waktu itu kan foto di Beijing...truz dia ngajarin loe chinese word juga hehehehe penasaran hehehe :)

    wuah moga sukses yak ujian sim-nya...aku disini baru belajar naek mobil diajarin co ku... ga bisa2 hahaha :)

  8. seneng denger beberapa kabar baik , semoga smua lancar yah . Kalo udah dapet SIM lbh sering ngacir kemana2 yah , ha222

  9. Mee-a: Iya nih, aku juga ga tau dapet pop up dari mana, padahal codingnya clean. Hmmm annoying emang. :(

  10. Asyik akhirnya bisa baca update kamu lagi Sher. Hope cepet dpt SIMnya ya. Aku belon nih krn mahal bgt :( Semoga cepet pinter ya ngomong mandarinnya. hehe


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