Hello October!

Why... time flies and it's almost the end of the year soon! October and Autumn has arrived. The leaves turn brown and pretty, but the weather has become cooler. I've started this month with a sickness. I was beaten up by a very bad cold for at least 2 days now. It was so bad that I could hardly breathe and every part of my body aches...

Now, let me share a little bit about our weekend trip to London. It was fun in a way, because we hopped on a bus that took us around to see the London bridge, fun unique buildings, etc... as well as very meaningful, because we got to hear a lot of sermons from Daddy Philip (he is an evangelist). It was 3 days of spiritual feast for us. On top of that, it was even better because Erwin came from Brighton for a night stay. So, we got to see each other at least for a bit.

It is lovely to see your loved ones, always.

We've got only a few photos in London, because we were so busy, so I scrapped them in one page. Mostly they are photos take while we were on this double-decker bus number 168. Take a look:

Maybe one day, Lan and I will go to London purely for a vacation. Can you believe that, though I've been in UK for 8 years, I've never been to the British Museum?! How sad is that?! Hehehe not really...


  1. seneng ya di london... fotonya kecil2 amat sher... hehee.

    moga2 cepet sembuh ya!

  2. ppertama semoga kamu cepet sehat trus kedua biar kunjungan singkat tp berkesan yah ktm DD juga . Ketiga SB nya bgs banget , aku dah lama gak SB lagi ga sempet soalnya n missing mood for SB ha22

  3. hehehehe gpp... masi banyak waktu toh buat jalan2 lage.. :)

  4. iya nih, di Belanda juga cuacanya uda mulai dingin, hahaha. Moga2 cepet sembuh dan sehat terus tuh! Amin!!

    Anyway, pingin ke London nih, ternyata ada loh kereta dari Belanda ke London, wkwkwkw... :D

  5. iya sher, nanti kan bisa jalan2 lagi, toh deket ini, semoga cepet sembuh ya :)

  6. Cepet sembuh ya Sher, udah masuk autumn yah di sana. Kapan2 jalan2 lg ke London ya Sher, hehe kan deket kan


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