Weird A thought of a sister

I don't know why, but coming back this time, I feel so weird...
As if I don't belong here,
As if this is not the place I used to live and know...
Is it because all of my friends have gone their own ways?
Or is it because I am not doing the same course again?
Or is it a problem in me?
I don't know... I am still searching why...

@ 28 Sept 2005

- Enough of that -

These days, I so often call and been called on the phone by my brother. I am happy in a way... I have a family nearby in the country, even though I still don't know when I am going to visit him down in Brighton.

I am sure he is coping there. I believe he can do it; cooking, washing, and all of the other stuffs by himself. He is a brave man! Yes... now he is a man, not a little boy I used to play with some years ago...
Time surely flies... we both are not in the childhood anymore. But it's good to know that we are sister and brother, inseparatable ones. I know it for sure... I missed the time we chatted together in the night time just like two weeks ago. We still like we used to... shared the same bed and tell each other's bad sleeping attitude.

Ah... I am really grateful and blessed to have you, bro! You are not only a brother, but also a friend; a dear one. Good luck to both of us! Hope I will visit you soon down there! God bless you, bro! *Be a great architect, okay?!* Love you!

Ps. kaga nyambung yah postingannya?! Oh well... tiba-tiba aja pengen mosting campur aduk begini... so, pardon me! *grin*

One more thing, today, Coen & I have entered our 25th month of our relationship. Congrats to us, honey! I love you, very much...


  1. wish u the best with study & love life! :D
    disana amazing race udah mulai sher?

  2. congrats yah buat 25 monthsnya:) smoga kalian bahagia selalu...

    btw, sher kirim ajah ke yahooku yah.. klik IDku ajah, soalnya aku sejak di sini gak pernah buka imelku yang di jerman.. selalu cek yang yahoo ajah.. ditunggu yah:) sabar neng, 3 minggu lagih, hiksssssssss....

  3. sudah kembaliiiii... walaupun ikut terharu akan rasa sepi yg ada, toh seneng jg sherly kembali ke ruang maya. :)
    goodluck buat adiknya. n congrats dg 25 tahunnya.

  4. semoga happy ending adanya :)

  5. Hi Sher.. long time no see neh.
    Ngecerfet? ayuk, sapa takut. Gue skarang lagi ikut formasi BH juga sih. Tapi klo Sherly mau buat yg baru ya gue ikut deh.. kebetulan gue ada bahan juga. Heee

  6. Happy anniversary ya Vie.. Moga rukun teruss.. ampe tua...


  7. sherrr, smoga bisa sering-sering ketemu adiknya...dan congrats buat 25 monthsnya...

  8. Gua harus comment yang bagian yang mana ya ? ;p
    ya udah...pokoknya semoga kamu dapet yang terbaik ya sher...(ini comment nyambung gak ya ? ;p)


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