I Noticed...

I noticed today...
It's already happening;
Thing that I fear the most...
Thing that I don't want to see, feel or notice...
But I knew it, I knew it...
It's happening and I won't stop it.

It is better that way...
Because... whether I like it or not, it will still happen
For I had let go, I had loosen my holds.

One day, it will be understood...
That this is for the better future,
For the happiness.

I hope it is not mistakenly perceived.
Love is the base of my decision...
Let this go with the flow,
Even if it hurts and breaks me down,
I know for sure, it won't be wasted.

- to someone, whom dearly to me.

Btw, mo kasih announcement, ternyata oh ternyata, adikku yang di Brighton decided to make a blog in FS, so here is the +link+! Hope you all like what he shares in his blog!

Last but not least... Have a BLESSED weekend, everyone!! Semoga weekendnya mengasyikan! *cheers*


  1. met wiken yah sher.. cieh puitis sekali:) lagi romantis yeh....

    duh, 16 hari lagi bakal balik ke sono.. hikssss:((

  2. kamu napa toh nduk? met wiken and take care yaaa

  3. met wiken yaaa sher...

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