Vacay 09 (5): Dentist!

First thing first: Happy birthday, dear Erwin! May The Lord be your blessings, your shield, your guidance, your Father and best Friend! Amen!
Until we see you again!

Every time I go home, I always pay a visit to the dentist to check my teeth. I am proud to say that in my family, I've got the healthiest teeth among us the adults (Papi, Mami, Erwin and I). Although they are not genetically white, but my teeth are healthy and rarely have holes. That's the most important thing above all, whitening is not necessary and so d*mn expensive anyway! So, I'll just live with the way they are.

Well, this holiday, I went again, literally, dragging Lan along with me. He hates dentists! He is scared of them! But, he promised me. A promise is a promise, he knew that! He's been having bad-smell-breath problems for quite a long time and I make a LOT of fuss about it! Simply because my nose is very very sensitive, way too sensitive compared to his. And this bad-breath is bugging me so much!
So, whether he liked it or not, I had to drag him to dentist!

The first time we went, Mami & Erwin came along. Oh gosh! It was nerve-wrecking! He was so nervous that his face was so white so pale as if he just saw ghosts! He was sweating insanely, freaking out and panicking. I was head over heel trying to calm him down, he wouldn't even talk to me. And that was when we were actually still sitting at the waiting room!
Then, in we went. Since Erwin wanted a check-up, too, we decided that Lan should have his go first, before he breaks into pieces.
As he sat on the dental-chair, he held the hand-rest so tightly. I could see he was so panicky. He became touchy even talking to me! Well, the dentist said, as I expected, his teeth are BAD! Two of them must be pulled out and some have to put tooth-filling. As I told him that, he grew berserk! But, at the end, he agreed for some tooth-filling; 2 majors and a few minors. The doctor, seeing him so nervous, even prescribed him some painkillers! That's how bad he was... Then, she let him think it through about getting rid of his bad teeth, since we had to return the next week to finish of the tooth-filling process.

That whole week was madness! I tried to talk to him that those teeth are real BAD! They are infected and in bad shapes. He said he would think about it, but, he showed it that he already made his decision: NO! Argh... I persuaded, I talked through him, we fought, we cried, we were angry to each other... And, thank God, he agreed to pull ONE tooth! Bless him! That was under the condition that I will always be with him, translate for him, and finally that we paid the expense, not Papi and Mami.

The second visit to the dentist was better. He was in a better shape, much more cheerful. And I fulfilled the condition of our trade. And, there he was... saying "It wasn't as painful as I imagined it would be." -Gee.- But, I am so glad, so relieved that the experience actually gives him confidence to conquer his fear of dentists!
Then... - some of you might know that I'm BAD at giving up! - I tried for the second time, for the second tooth! LOL! I'm so cheeky aren't I? Oh well, it's for his goodness, not mine (well, it's also for my comfort :p). It was a straight NO at first, but my effort became fruitful: Another promise. He wants it done in UK.
Oh well, that's better than nothing. Yeah it will be expensive, but, it will be done. Coz, when it's a promise, I'll hunt until it's fulfilled! LOL!

So, we are very very blessed that we found an NHS dentist straight a way and not too far from our flat. Having an NHS dentist means that some of the treatment costs will be subsidised by the government, i.e., yeah it is expensive, but it is still affordable in a way...
Last Tuesday was his very first appointment, where the doctor checked his whole mouth and agreed that there is a tooth that needs to be pulled. Lan is still nervous going to dentist, but he is in a much better shape about it now. And, I think, his confidence grew on him. =)
This Wednesday, we are going back to pull the tooth and to have his teeth cleaned. He's deciding to get bridges as replacement of those 2 teeth that are pulled out, instead of dentures. Isn't he a brave boy now? He decides! Yay! That's more important and precious than the price we are paying for those treatments.
In total it will be around £500 to get those treatments done. But, boy, it's worth it!

Thank you, Jesus, for softening Lan's heart, for guiding him to grow brave and to overcome his fear.
How do I describe You, O Lord...
You are the gentle Sun-rays through the icy cold winter.
The blooming Buds of spring flowers.
The cool Breeze through the scorching-hot summer.
And the beautiful golden Leaves of fall that bring warmth.
You are always here with me, through the seasons.

- nie, Mon 05 Oct 2009.

Ps. No photos for this one. Lan will be grumpy if I take his photo while he's nervous. And, although there are some photos of his teeth (mouth opened up), I don't think it's appropriate to show you those! LOL!


  1. ha22 , bisa jg ngebujuk nya si Lan ..akhirnya dicabut juga giginya . Perjuangan berat ya ?
    yg pgn ketawa pas baca ga ada poto nya , hua222 / ya iyalah masa yg gini mau dipoto juga ? hi222

  2. Hihihi kayak ngebujuk anak kecil, Ven!! Gila, sampe bertengkar seharian segala koq...

  3. Aku baru tahu kalau ada yang sampai setakut itu ke dokter gigi, hihihi...
    Tapi bagus banget, kamu terus bujuk-bujuk dia. Gigi kan kalau udah rusak bisa membusuk, kalau udah gitu repot dah.

    Oh iya, happy birthday, Erwin! Ultahnya lumayan deketan ya sama Hans?

    Terus, tadi aku coba nulis di Shoutbox nggak berhasil, jadi aku tulis di sini aja deh.
    Soal bahasa.
    Dari yang aku baca sih, untuk kasus kalian itu bisa diterapkan 3 bahasa. Jadinya kamu cuma ngomong Bahasa Indonesia ke anak, Lan hanya ngomong Mandarin, dan kalian (Sherly dan Lan) berbicara Bahasa Inggris satu sama lainnya. Ada kemungkinan Bahasa Inggrisnya nggak terlalu lancar, tapi nggak apa-apa, karena begitu main di luar atau masuk TK, otomatis yang dipergunakan adalah Bahasa Inggris. Malah biasanya sih, Bahasa Inggris (bahasa utama di sekolah dan pergaulan) yang nantinya jadi dominan.

    Kami sih nggak ngajarin Bahasa Inggris, karena ya baik Micha dan aku berbahasa Inggris seadanya. Daripada nantinya salah-salah, lebih baik bicara bahasa ibu masing-masing aja. :-p

    Lagian ada teori bahwa satu orang hanya berbicara satu bahasa ke anak. Supaya lebih cepat belajarnya.

    Oh iya, pernah baca majalah gitu, ada sepasang ortu yang anaknya itu berbicara 4 bahasa sekaligus. Ke ibunya berbahasa Persia (ibunya dari Iran), ke ayahnya berbahasa Italia, ibu dan bapaknya berkomunikasi dalam Bahasa Inggris (karena mereka bertemu di US, dan saling nggak bisa bahasa yang dikuasai oleh yang lain), lalu yang terakhir...Bahasa Jerman (mereka tinggal di Jerman, jadi anak belajar Bahasa Jerman dari lingkungan dan sekolah). Hehehe, pusing, ya... :-D

  4. toosss lan, diriku jg takut sama dentist sher, hihihi..dulu pernah periksa eh katanya yg bolong ada 7, jd deh tiap mgg ke dokter buat nambell, huhuhu ngilu denger suara booornya itu lhoo ..


  5. Sher, aku juga palingggg takut ke dentist.. :p terakhir ke sono ampir 4 taon lalu kayanya, itu krn gigi dah bolong, jadi harus dicabut. Dendi sampe diminta dentistnya megangin tanganku, krn aku gemetaran terus, dentistnya takut salah nge-bor.. wakakaka...

    Dulu pas kecil mamaku pernah cerita, aku sampe dibeliin boneka, dll, cuma supaya mo ke dentist. sampe di kursinya, lari keluar.. :p

    SEbenernya aku ga takut 'ma sakitnya sih, tapi serem dengerin suara bor-nya itu. Mgk lain kali bawa ipod aja kali ya, jadi ga kedengeran suaranya.

  6. wah gigi gw juga brantakan nih , dan gw paling takut ke dentist , hehehe . enak yaa yang giginya oke ga perlu ditambel/dicabut sana-sini :)

  7. Hi Sherly,

    Salam kenal juga ya.. happy bday buat erwin :)

    klo soal dokter gigi, it's every one's nightmare deh kayanya.. :|. Anung jg stress abis abisan dah.. ngeri euy :D

  8. Hi Sherly,

    Salam kenal juga ya.. happy bday buat erwin :)

    klo soal dokter gigi, it's every one's nightmare deh kayanya.. :|. Anung jg stress abis abisan dah.. ngeri euy :D

  9. Gileeee... sampe segitu amat!!!
    Tapi setidaknya, selamat, usahamu berhasil :)

  10. haha.. lan takut ke dentist ya, gua sih waktu kecil udah sering banget ke sana, gigi gua jelek abisan, bolong sana bolong sini, trus udah gede pernah dipasang behel juga, jadi ke dr gigi mah udah langganan gua mah, walaupun tetep aja gak suka, ngilu!
    tapi baca cerita lu ini gua ampe ngekek2, gua gak tau ada yang setakut itu ke dr gigi :P

  11. Sampe sekarang masi takut bgt ke dentist Sher, my phobia... ditambah lagi mahal. klop deh. ga ke dentist2.

  12. Puji Tuhan ya , ahkirnya hati lan luluh juga , elo ngebujuknya dah mantap banget say ..

    met ultah buat erwin


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