Vacay 09 (4): Fun with Yulia!!!

I've been wanting to continue writing about my holiday, but gosh... I've been in limbo! My body feels like it's not mine and keeps giving me this weird unhealthy feeling. Well, luckily, I found this medicine that really helps me to rest, it knocks me out to sleep soundly (and it gives me hard time to open my eyes in the morning!) It's like a drug, but a good drug! LOL!

Anyway, I insist to write about the important things that happen during our vacation this year, although it's been gone far, because I don't want to forget any bits of it... It's too precious to me!
If I remember correctly, Yulia arrived at my home on 27th August 2009 by BMW Travel Bus from Surabaya. She had been on TNI-AL ship for 3 weeks by then on a diving mission. Forgive me for making you wait for me to get up, sist! I was so tired that I did not even hear that you've arrived!
I was so happy to see you! I even could not wait to give you the gifts Lan and I had for you; one very special gift I made myself upon your request, I knitted a little cushion with two dolphins on it - as your birthday gift, and another is a little souvenir from Dubai. I really hope you like them!
Also, thanks for the crackers that you brought from Makasar! Hehehe, yummy!

So, we spent days together. In my family, you are another daughter, another sister! We love you!
We rent Toyota Avanza for 2 days - the first day, it was a Saturday, 29 August. We, Lan, you & I, picked Hans and Grace from school and then we rushed to Waterbom! We had so much fun there and did not go home until we were sort-of the last person to be there! LOL! Too bad that Lan is not as brave as us on the wild-rides! However, that made it perfect! We went together, the two of us on the ride, our own bonding time! =) We screamed and laughed together! Tiring, but absolutely fun!
Then, in the lazy-river pool, the 5 of us played together for hours! Hehehe... So sweet is the memory! Even Lan was enjoying himself that he just could not be bothered to get the camera from the locker room! LOL! (Psst... do you still remember when he screamed on the first ride?! "Honey... I'm a chicken!" LOL! It made us laugh so hard!)

The second day, it was Monday, 31st August. We went to buy a surprise present from you for my parents - The Orchid, my mum's favorite! I still remember the time when we were gift-wrapping it, fearing that my parents might come too soon! LOL! Even you, who is quite experienced at helping your mum to be a florist, were nervously shaking. Hihihi! But, we should be proud of ourselves! We made it on time! :)

We then went to Dreamland Beach! It was our second time going together there, the first time we went there was after my wedding, 2 years ago!
This time, many has changed in Dreamland, but we refused to NOT have fun! In fact, we ended up having fun picking seaweed (for your mum) while watching so that the waves won't wet us. We spotted some sea snails (which I was disgusted of!), sea urchin and a wild-looking crab. We watched sunset too! Then we were rushed to the car by the heavy rain!
After so much fun, it was time to fill our hungry stomaches! Our one and only destination was JIMBARAN! We did get lost though hehehe... but we made it there safely! We ate like crazy, didn't we, sist? The food was so delicious and with such great companion, it became even more delicious. :) We went home bloated! LOL! But, that's not all! You felt like moon-light cake (terang bulan/martabak manis)... Hihihi I still remember Lan's face when you 'tortured' him with the delicious smell of moon-light cake! He wanted it, but he's wayyyy to full!

Our journey continued in Jakarta for several hours... It was in between our arrival from Denpasar and departure to Dubai. Thanks for picking us up, sist! And for the treat at Chez Inggrid! Too bad we didn't get to taste the cheesecake, but those cakes you ordered were yummy! Ummm... Can you send some of those here? LOL! Thanks also for letting us 'borrow' your bathroom for shower before we go. It is always a fun time when you are around! OH, there's more, thanks for the anniversary gift and the diary! I had great time reading your diary. Hehehe... Thanks for the honesty and the opened heart you have towards me! You are truly my bestest friend! I love you with all my heart, sincerely!


  1. seneng ya kalo liburan... :)

  2. NIe
    lucu si lan takut yah maen slide di Waterbom ??? hua222 kacian deh !
    g aja yg penakut nekat maen di Boomerang , hua22 seru biar mengerikan ha22
    ember seru yah kalo pulkam , maen , makan n jalan bareng !

  3. meeting old friend emang asik bgt yah! hehe

    Btw, masuk Dreamland sekarang berapa sih seorang? Lagi nyusun anggaran buat perjalanan ke Bali Januari nanti nih, hehehe :D


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