Twilight Saga: New Moon!

Don't worry, I won't spoil the fun. But, I'm sorry I might make you all jealous... I had so much fun today!!
Gosh, I loveeeeeeee New Moon! It is so so much better than Twilight! The seats were full and overflowed with people, who were cheering every now and then at the scenes. It was such an exciting atmosphere! Amazing! And as gorgeous as Jacob's new look could be, I am still team Edward! *woo hoo!* I would love to watch it again and again, but Lan said, wait for the DVD... *sob sob sob* But I have to agree with him! No way I can beat the queue! It was a crazy bunch of crowds there!

Well, I know that the New Moon fever is not over yet, but here I am honestly saying: I CAN'T WAIT FOR ECLIPSE!!! 30 June 2010, bring it over, baby!!!

Ps. Oh man, I'm crazy!
Ps2. after the movie, we had dinner at Yo-Sushi! Yummy yum! I got a 30% off voucher for my birthday! We, of course, took our camera with us and got to play with the new lens (aka 50mm)! That lens, baby, is one awesome lens! Oh yeah, I'm loving it!
Will share the photos later on today... ;)


  1. huahahah semua lagi demam new moon... :P

  2. ya moga moga cepet dapet baby ya mbak.

    salam kenal

  3. aaaahhh.. edwarddddd.. i'm coming....
    gua blom nonton T_T
    disini blom maen sher, baru premiere hari ini..

  4. sabar, sabar nunggu DVD-nya.. :D bagus bgt ya Sher... huhuhuhu.. tp 2012 jg bagus sih

  5. aaaa! pamerrr... T__T i kan ndak isa nonton bareng thothooo... T0T

  6. I'm very excited about New Moon, and even more excited after reading your post. At least I know it's not gonna be disappointing like 2012!

  7. hahaha new moon , gw ilfil lho nonton twilight , ga seoke bukunya sih kalo gw bilang . and the cast too overexpose by media , bikin eneg :( ( buat pens twilight , jangan nimpuk gw yah :D )


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