started with my very first cervical screening (pap smears), Thank God it was quick and not quite as scary as I thought...
Then, coming to office, greeted with a few 'happy birthday's from colleagues. Some even sang the song, which made me blushed crazily! We brought cake to office, so that they can enjoy the treat :) They were happy with it. The day went on quick with me chatting with my Mum. It has been awhile. It's good to talk to her again. Lunch was not the normal routine, Lan and I decided to join our colleagues to eat out instead of going home and cook.

Today is special because I got a special letter from Yulia, the letter I had been waiting for. What a perfect timing!
Today is special because I got 80+ emails in my inbox from all of my dear friends wishing me happy birthday and praying awesome prayers for me. Thank you, all of you!
Today is special because I feel blessed, loved and remembered.
Today is a remembrance day for me of all the great things my Jesus has done and is continuing doing in my life. I am more than thankful for who I am and every little bits that happen in my life.

Well, last but not least, today, I am 25! LOL!


  1. happy birthday yaaaa

    wish you all the best! :)

  2. Sher, koq udah pap smear? i thought kalo dah pernah melahirkan baru disuruh pap smear (kalo disini)...

    Upload pics of ur birthday please Sher. hihihihi....

    Umur 25, dah cocok jadi mama... semoga cepet dikasih ya Sher. :-)

  3. gua juga blom pernah pap smear, biasanya pas abis melahirkan bisa langsung di pap smear, wahlu masih mudah banget sher :)
    dan temen2 lu baek2, once again lucky u :D

  4. masih muda , g jauh lbh tua Nie . he222

  5. Happy bday Sher.. papsmear perlu ya sblom melahirkan? ada alasan khusus? ga pernah ngecek, tapi asumsinya sama kaya temen2 lain..
    wish happiness surrounds you abundantly.. GBU

  6. Happy bday, mid-sist.
    Wish you the best and next year I can say this again... to you ^^


  7. Happy b'day yahhhh...
    Semoga bahagia selalu n studynya lancar ^^

  8. Pap smear itu opo yo? Ra ngerti hehe, I only know it has something to do with our cervix?

    Happy bday again Sher, sorry for not being able to send you any gifts X_X

  9. ada foto pas ultah u, ndak tuh? ^__^ pengen liak wajahmu yang dah 1/4 abad :D hohoho! ^0^

  10. hepi belsday yah :D
    wah samaan nih umurnya , hahahaha

  11. happy belated birthday sher....
    sorry nih baru berkunjung balik....
    lagi muter2 di indo :D


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