Birthday gift(s) from God

Lately, despite the cold dreary winter days, I am blessed to see the sun shining. Just to see a sunshiny-day, it makes me smile! It makes my day a lot better. And, I'd love to think of it as The Lord is smiling at me, that is one of the best birthday gifts that I get for my birthday tomorrow. :)
A few of friends have been asking about how I'm coping winter, especially about my eczema. Well, both Lan and I are anxious about it, however, I praise God that so far it is not a tiny bit as bad as last winter. Yes, they still come, a bit on my face (that is one that I hate the most!), bits on my body parts, but they are manageable. I am still able to sleep, thanks to Lan, who's bought me an under blanket to keep me warm at night, thus my skin is not drying out badly.
Another birthday gift I got this year from The Lord is a realisation on how lovely my parents-in-love (law) are! To know that they love me like their own daughter, that they want the best for me and my health, that they care every tiny bit of me... that knowledge is priceless above all. More than I've dreamed of; my loving husband and his loving parents. An amazing package that rarely occurs! I am glad for them, for The Lord to put them in my life. And for that, I love my parents-in-love to bits too! Sure, I can't describe it yet to them, sure I'm yet able to have effective communications with them... but, above all, my love grows for them. I can honestly hug them and sincerely love them the way I love my own parents. And that feeling is beautiful!
And, yet, another birthday gift for God is a positive progress on my research. I am thankful for my supervisors, who are so encouraging and believing in my potential and helping me every time I need them. I pray Lord that our plan to submit a paper to conference(s) in January will come true and that You give me wisdom to finish the paper on time! Amen!

Oh... I feel spoiled! I feel loved and that's a great feeling! Thanks to Simon, whom we had dinner with yesterday, for remembering my birthday and buying me a birthday cake. It is very sweet of you, Si!
Thanks to Papa and Mama for the birthday gift, the 50mm Canon lens! I love it very much! And for the package from Beijing, jam-packed with good food!
Thanks to hubby for the birthday gifts that are yet to come. Tee-hee...

OK, time to have lunch now. Hopefully, I'll have the mood to post something tomorrow :)


  1. :) wonderfulll you got the whole package :) loving husband and loving in laws :)

  2. Happy b'day my dear friend plus sista in Jesus! ^^ Gbu always. Langgeng ma Lan keke ampe tua, yach! Mari gini traktiran dah! ^0^

  3. Happy birthday sist! wow, you're truly blessed Sher... emang jarang bgt dpt mertua yg bae bgt, yg bener2 sayang seperti sayang ke anaknya... 'n 'bout your eczema, praise God!

  4. happy birthday sher!! :D
    jarang loh yang seberuntung itu dapet suami n mertua seperti punya lu, lucky u :D
    disini juga ujan mulu loh.. tiap hari mendung n dingin..

  5. Happy B'Day!!

    Wish All the BEST!! :-)

  6. Sherly, have a wonderful birthday, sis. I hope everything you wish will come true. You're lucky to be surrounded by people who love you so much!

    ***Give you a birthday hug***

    Btw, do you tweet?

  7. Sher, ini mungkin yang bisa bangkitin semangat. :-p

    Kita sama-sama pengidap Winter Blues, kayaknya, ya? :-D


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