Auld Lang Syne!

Here is my quick glance over year 2009... I remember it started badly with a chronic eczema all over my body, which resulted in many different things happening after that:
  • First is me being so depressed and messed up.
  • Second is where a decision to take a 3-months suspension on my study was made, giving me 3 months to be at home with my family (without Lan there though *sob*)
  • Third is where I was so discouraged that I almost called it a quit on my study!

What a year, huh?! It was a year full of process for Lan and I.
Our marriage was much better than the first year (Thank God for that!). I got to learn being much more patient than I used to be, he got to learn about the 'reality' of marriage! LOL!
We both got to learn to cling to The Lord more each day of our lives that He gives the best (and always the best) for our family. He blessed us abundantly this year; Lan got his paper accepted to a conference and published in a journal, he also got to go to Montreal, Canada. Hallelujah!
As for me, after getting back on my feet, things gradually get better! This semester I've found a calculus, which boosted my confidence and both of my supervisors'. And, I am in the process of proofing and writing it up to become a paper, which hopefully will be accepted by a conference next year. Amen!

And no matter the ups and the downs, the only thing that sticks to my mind and my heart is that The Lord has been good and is always good to us! I see His hands guiding and protecting us continually day upon day of our journey. He never leaves us.
So for the new year that is arriving upon us in 6 more hours, my faith is thicker than it's ever been that He will take us in another WONDERFUL journey! There are many wishes and desires, let them be only spoken aloud in Lan's and my heart (for The Lord, He hears the unspoken), may The Lord grants according to His will! Amen!


  1. Happy New Year Sher!! wishing you all the best for this year!

  2. Happy new year...semoga 2010 lebih baik lagi

  3. Happy new year Sher!!! Hope 2010 will be a better year for all of us!

  4. Happy New Year 2010
    aku ga kemana2 di rumah aja sedih bgt krn smua pergi hu222 .
    tapi ada hikmahnya jadi bs utak atik blogskin , mau bikin scrapbook lagi no idea he222


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