Welcoming 2010

Gosh, this year has flown so fast... I cannot believe it is almost the beginning of a new year already! Time rotated around me like a breeze.
To think back on this year, I can only smile and smile... It was a year of God's provision in our little family. I've seen many unbelievable things happened in our lives and for all of those, I can only give thanks to The Lord. He's been more than just GOOD.
I am so thankful that I was shown how The Lord takes care of my family and that His Hands never fail to sustain us. The way He teaches Lan by Himself (sometimes I am amazed by the words that Lan says by himself!), the Grace that brings our family even closer together, the holiday wishes that came true (Dubai!) and many little but so-sweet things that came into my life. And above all, I am grateful for his guidance on my study; how I once felt like quitting and He encouraged me through my beloved ones. How He provides, oh how He provides... not just financially but in everything He provides; the joy, the happiness, the peace. Even to me it's a miracle that a couple of PhD students, who live on scholarships can have an awesome holiday in Dubai! Only The Lord can do that for us. :)

I look forward to 2010. I am sure it is a year full of goodness from The Lord! Even more than what 2009 had held for us. Many things we have plans for 2010, we surrender them all to The Lord. If He permits... they shall be done and be even more awesome that our own plans! Amen.
I am excited for the new year... I pray that Lan's thesis will finish soon and for him to do an EXCELLENT job on it, then impressing his examiners further during his viva and I am anticipating for his graduation in July. I will be a VERY VERY proud wife of him! I have faith that he DOES an exceptional job on it. I know he does.
And, soon after that, the job that HAS been waiting for him will arrive at his doorstep. And, by then, we plan for our junior(s). :)
As for our 2010 holiday agenda, we have Europe and Beijing in mind. So we will pray and pray hard for miracles.
Oh, a target for myself is to finish PhD by this time of NEXT year. Yep, I am aiming myself to finish my PhD in 3 years and NO more. So, that goes by telling myself to WORK HARD!
Last but not least, I hope that we go to Church more often next year than this year. Sorry, Lord, I know we've been stupidly lazy on this task...

Oh well, before I start blabbering around, let's put it to a stop for now ;) And here is our wish for all of you:
Have a blessed Christmas


  1. Iya nih, tahun baru sudah mau datang lagi, cepet bgt....

  2. Dah mo taon 2010 lagi ya Sher... but aku excited bgt for year 2010, jd pengen cepet2.. hahaha...

  3. iya sher, emang berasa cepet banget ya.. udah tinggal semingguan lagi udah taon baru..
    merry xmas juga sher n lan, GNU :)

  4. Merry X'Mas to my dear Sherley & Lan
    bgs banget scrapbook nya ...
    ohh iya Happy New Year too !

  5. ih emang rasanya cepettt bgttt, merry xmas jg sher, buat dirimu n lan..JBU!!


  6. merry christmas for you and lan yahh . time sure flies :D


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