Christmas is NOT over!

How was your Christmas day, friends? Some people are actually very relieved that Christmas is over together with all the festivities and the business that went along with it... Well, for me, Christmas is not over, Christmas is everyday, all year long... because, every day I need Jesus, every day I live for Him, through Him and because of Him. :)

Last week had been a relaxing one. We've stayed at home and I liked it. Resting and taking my mind off from study for a bit. I did get quite sick for a few days, though... I got an ulcer, which painfully locate itself on my jaw! I had migraines for 3 days non-stop, swelling on my left cheek and difficulties to eat. It was kind of having a little diet! I had to eat porridge, simply because I couldn't chew! Phew... Thank God, with a huge amount of orange juice, fruit and veggies, I am much better now.

The weekend was tiring, because we had a fight. Nope, it's never good when we fight... Exhausting mentally and physically for both of us. Being both 'highly' educated makes us both pig-headed! Plus, the differences in principles, family background, origins, make things even harder. However, life goes on because of FORGIVENESS! Yep, that's how powerful forgiveness is! No matter how hurt and painful the fight caused, forgiveness heals. Thank The Lord for that!
Sometimes, in these 2 years, we found ourselves like water and oil, questioning 'why' on our marriage. But, really, it's just an illusion, which during angry moments, overrides the truth. The truth that The Lord chose the two of us to be together for a purpose and that He never fails. And I hang on to that truth, always.

And, today, though the University is still officially closed, here we are both sitting on our chairs to do our work... which, instead of doing that, I am blogging bwahahaha...


  1. Water ama oil, ditambah bawang, garlic, jahe dikit, cabe, daun bawang, masukin ikan...Yummy...Hahahha malah bikin resep.

    Eh aku dikasi kado Bible ama teman disini hehe...baru baca dikiiit yg Old Testament.

  2. gua juga cuti 2 minggu hehe.. tapi minus sakit2 sher, cuti gua cuma santai2 aja, eh gak santi juga dink karna gua sibuk eksperimen resep masakan :)
    kalo berantem emang bikin cape, cape ati hehehe.. tapi yang namanya orang menikah gak mungkin gak pernah berantem :)
    asal abis berantem bisa baekan lagi gak masalah ^^

  3. merry christmas sherly dear! water and oil kayaknya fenomena normal di tiap rumah tangga. christmas dan bentar lagi new year, holiday mood is everywhere ini. :D met liburan dan kerja dan ngeblog ya sheeeer! :)

  4. gw ga cuti nih nie... hehehe ga libur juga.. cuman taon baru doank libur.. jd kerjaannya ke pantai aja bakar2 hehehe :)

  5. Merry Christmas, midsist. Mo ngucapin waktu itu tapi nggak sempet online daaaaan... tau donk di Ende itu keluarga mama semuanya Katolik jadi mesti ke rumah para Om/Tante hehehe belum lagi Sepupu2 :D 2 hari perjalanan hehehe.

    Kerja berdua kan asyik, Sher :D apalagi kerja sambil ngeblog :D hehehehehe

  6. merry christmas and happy new year!

  7. Merry Chrismas and happy new year...
    semoga perjalanan di tahun 2009 ini memberi pelajaran dan bekal untuk tahun-tahun kedepan.

  8. lhe... kalo Natal saban ari, gue ultah saban ari juga, dunk sher...? ^^;

  9. Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you ♥

  10. haha, kalo aku sih libur deh, bener2 mau mengistirahatkan diri dari semuanya, hahaha :) Kadang istirahat itu perlu loh :D

  11. Sherly, it's little bit late but ... merry christmas and happy new year in advance :). kapan pulang ke indo sher? salam buat suami ya :)

  12. Happy New Year yah NIe yg bentar lagi akan kita songsong .. semoga smua cape dan sakit bs berlalu berganti jadi indah . JBU !


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