Poor blog...

Pardon my neglection on my blog. I feel like it's been so long since I posted my last one. I don't know... lately I just don't feel like writing that my life is monotone and I have nothing to write about LOL!
Easter was passed without doing nothing special really. Just really having quality time talking and sharing with Lan. It was good... when I decided that I should be away from the computer for awhile. After dinner, last night, I asked him to sit and talk with me while I was peeling garlic. We talked, shared and laughed.

I think, marriage-wise, we have improved quite some more. The way we handle arguments, anger and frictions. We have much less fights and the lifespan of those fights are considerably short. We forgive each other much easily and have less drama. Thank Jesus for that!
With each passing day, we have seen each other as a mirror for each other a lot as well as identified our differences. I am trying to open myself more to him, sharing about my everything, which used to be a little bit hard to do...

Reading what I wrote above, I am actually surprised that, even in a monotone kind of life, Lan and I learnt some things, we are advancing forward. That sounds good to me. :)

And, for all of that, I thank Jesus.

Lastly, here is my latest favourite scrapbook page:
I Wish by Edeline Marta Designs
Butterflies from Flutterbyes (freebie) by Designs by Laura
"March" comes from jots month stamps by paislee press designs
Font: DJB Mandy

God bless you all, friends!


  1. waww uda lama ga scrapbooking , tetep bgs hasilnya .
    ga ada yg mo ditulis yah Nie , ga pa2 koq . cuman kabarin aja skrg kamu n Lan gmn kita dah seneng baca nya . ayoo masak aja , bikin kwetiaw goreng kesukaan mu , kan udah kupas garlic tuh he22

  2. hahaha, sama nih, entah kenapa akhir2 ini rasanya kurang bahan yang bisa ditulis, hehehe :)

    btw, kupas2 garlic mau masak apa tuh? haha

  3. gua juga sher... belakangan ini berasa monoton. sampe mau nulis di blog juga bingung mau cerita apa. hahaha.

  4. haha.. emang kadang gitu lagi, hidup kita kan gak selalu ada bahan cerita lucu atau seru buat diceritain, kadang yah lewat aja gitu.. makanya gua juga jarang update skarang :P

  5. hahaha. same with u.
    i just repented from neglecting my blog.
    nice to meet your beautiful blog

  6. Iya sama Sher, rasanya ga tau mo nulis apa nih akhir2 ini. kadang mo nulis sesuatu tapi waktu dah di depan kompie jadi blank. :p

  7. Yang monotonpun akan terasa indah kok Sher kalau di nikmati dan di syukuri , justru mendekatkan kita pada pasangan / keluarga kita , kedengaran aneh ya atau mungkin krn aku sangat menyukai semua yg serba monoton , hahaha


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