Our 2nd Anniversary Celebration

I've been procrastinating in posting about our 2nd anniversary celebration... Well, I have actually written it in the scrapbook journal above, so I don't even feel like saying it all over again. However, I'd like to keep a record of it.
So on that Thursday *last week*, we decided to have lunch at Las Iguanas , a Latin Restaurant in Liverpool One. Food was tasty but can be better if the portion is bigger! After that, we went to see Ice Age 3 (3D), which is very enjoyable although it wasn't so worth it for the 3D part... still, we had a good laugh during the movie. The unplanned thing that happened was window-shopping! LOL! Apparently, the summer sale has started, so we looked around the shops and bought some gifts for our family, it's a great way of saving 'souvenir' until the time we go home!
Phew, time flew and it was time for dinner! Guess what we had? All-you-can-eat Chinese buffet (Buffet Star)! Great choice, bad for our diet! We enjoyed it though!

We were happy that day... it might not be fancy celebration, but spending time with each other was the best gift of all time! :)


  1. Happy second anniversary yah NIe ...
    duhh skrg maen nya scrapbook mulu ya . he22
    btw NIe baju kamu yg kotak2merah biru , pas ke Venetian maren ada tuh di ESPRIT ampi2 500 HK$ , liat baju itu lgs inget kamu Nie , juga si Jan Di di BBF .

  2. Happy second anniversary yah Sher!!! Lucu banget deh kolase-nya ^ ^

  3. Hehe, all-you-can-eat Chinese Buffet, nyamm... celebration mah ga perlu ngurusin diet Sher.. hehe.. btw i love your cupcakes scrapbooking design.. very cute.. hehe..

  4. tumben rest latin porsinya kecil :D ditempatku bikin perut sesak deh. gedeeeee banget. ingat khan ikan yg pernah aku pajang di blog dulu hehehehe

    birunya cakep eh, sher. gemesin

    aku jd pengen ke china buffet juga neh..jumat adalah seafood day. kamu sih !


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