Happy 2nd Anniversary, Honey!

These several years have been such a wonderful journey! My days are much colorful with you by my side... Our ups and downs together are beautiful in each of their own ways. Watching your peaceful slumber, how your eyes sparkles when you smile at me, counting your everlasting kindness make me can’t be thankful enough to our Jesus Christ! He truly gave me my one and only soulmate.
What’s passed, I will keep them as a sweet bitter memory. What’s yet to come, I believe is promising. What’s happening now is that I fall in love with you again and again each and everyday!

Kit: Meadow Story by Kimla Design
Paint splatter from Strawberry field by Redju Design (recolored by me)
Alpha: Silver twilight from Amber Gray Design
Font: Passion Conflict ROB


  1. congrats yaaaa!!! :)
    langgeng terus ya...

  2. May "the tango" continue for the two of you and the sparkle of your love is even getting prettier in the year to come. Happy wedding anniversary dear....

  3. Happy anniversary.............
    for you both...

  4. Happy Anniversary yah!!

    Mudah2an langgeng terus dan happy selama2nya, hehehe...

  5. sheeeerrr aku lupa hahhaha jam 12 siang suami pulang bawak kartu, and aku malah nanyak ada occasion apa ? our anniversary ! alamaaak...lupa hhahaa langsung kesini hihi anniversary juga.

    happy anniversary buat kita ya :D

  6. Happy Anniversary Nie n Lan....yg mesra teyus yach!

  7. Sherly ... happy anniversay yaaa ... ga berasa ya sher. apa kabarnya sekarang?

  8. Happy Anniversary for both of you...May God bless your marriage life to be an open testimony for others...Ameeeenn...


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