Second trip to Brighton

Tiredness is still so thick within my body. Somehow, doing half-day work in the office during this week has not yet subtracted any of my tiredness from last week. However, whether I like it or not, I have to endure it.

Tomorrow afternoon, I will have to leave Lan by himself for several days. Honestly, I do not want to leave him, if possible, I want him to come along with me, but train tickets to Brighton is so expensive, that even Lan had to think for awhile to let me go there.
Anyway, he is letting me go, sort of... It is because I have to visit Erwin, my brother. This is my second time to go there and somewhat I am glad I am going to be with my brother again for awhile. See how he is doing, give him some support for his final project. The first time I went was December 2005, I had so much fun at that time, spending my Christmas and New Year's holiday with Erwin.
Time flies fast, Erwin is already in his 3rd (and last) year of Bachelor. He plans to go home for holiday after he graduates late July and he really hopes to get a job in Australia. If he really does get a job in Australia, it will be such rare opportunities for us to meet every once in awhile.

Well, I am at home now, getting my stuff ready for tomorrow, making Lan's favourite dish for him to eat while I am not home and after lunch, I will have to go to office and finish off some works I have to do.

Ah... it is going to be a nice weekend with my brother, but, probably, a very tiring one for me... And I will miss my honey a lot!

I'll be back Monday night, honey, of which you probably already asleep. *sob*
See you when I come back then. :)

Have a great weekend for you, my friends. (It's a bit early, I know :P) God bless you all!


  1. Good luck selama dalam perjalanan ya :)

  2. Brighton sama Liverpool jauh bgt yah?? Hmmm, naik kereta berapa jam tuh?? :D

    Met menikmati vacation deh, hehehe... :) Hati2 di jalan tuh... :D

  3. have a safe trip yaaa...

    iya, berapa jam sih ?

  4. Hati2 ya Nie...met wiken juga.

  5. wah jalan2 yaaa Sherl...ati2 di jalan ya, nikmatin deh wikennya ;)

    berapa jam itu jeng dr Liverpool?

  6. have a nice trip

  7. have a nice weekend ya nie. enjoy your trip.

  8. have a good time in brighton :) jangan lupa oleh2nya...hehehe. salam kenal juga nie :)

  9. sher.. emang skg gi musim sakit yah. onion jg sakit demam gitu seminggu.. skg dah mendingan sih..muga2 aja aku gak kena.
    btw, i've never known ur brother is also in UK.. wah sorry ketinggalan berita nih aku... posting potonya donk pengen liat :) hehe...

  10. have a safe journey, dear!

  11. Happy wiken sherly,met ktemuan ma adik ya.kesian jg suami ditinggal,gpp ya skali2:-)

  12. Hi Sherly. Salam kenal juga. Gak bisa masuk di SB, jadi di sini aja ya.

    Thanks ya udh main ke blogku.
    Have a nice weekend!

  13. pas banget sama judul blog ini: inseparable is you and me. hehehehe.

    have a wonderful weekend ya sherly. :)

  14. have fun, hati-hati yaks, sist :)
    met wiken!

  15. wuaaah... good luck yak... have a safe trip.. :) bawa oleh2 cerita yaak.. :)

  16. Dulu aku pernah tuh ke brighton, senang bgt, kagum liat pavilion apa tuh... Lan uda sembuh belum ? Have fun ya Sher...slm untuk adiknya

  17. have a nice trip dearrr... be safe okey darlinggg :)....


  18. Sherrr udah balik dari Brighton ya? Aku telat nih baca postingan ini. Kyknya kalo udah punya hubby aku juga gak akan betah lama2 jauh2 dari dia *eh jadi bayangin* wikikikikikkk


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