The recent colours of my life

Doh! Been so long since last I posted here... Partly because I am busy, partly because I've been so caught up into one of the facebook's applications hehehe...

I've been swimming in programming mode for the last couple of weeks! Supervisors' pressure really does the job on me, last night I had this dream of sitting in front of my PC, programming, however I seemed to not do the right job, i.e. getting error all the time! Arrghh, what a nightmare! I woke up with my body feeling like a punch-bag!
At the same time, Lan is head over heel writing a paper. He is trying to submit a paper for a conference and the deadline is 02nd June 2008, so he is stressed up and almost every night he spends the time in the office... *surely my time will come...*
Well, I have faith in him, I am sure he can do it, with plenty of prayers and determination, Jesus will open the way.

As of our marriage... ah... time flies! It's approaching the first anniversary, yet, each day, we fall in love with each other ever more. We do fight, too, sometimes, but each time we handle it better and learn to keep it cool. I can never stop Jesus for the man, He has given me to.
As for the future, we have so many plans that we will do together... that way we will need our whole life to fulfill them one by one. :)

Ah... I am excited today, we are having a date after work... *who says we can't date after we got married?! :p*
Never gone. Never far.
In my heart is where you are.

- Never Gone by Backstreet Boys.


  1. hahaha, good luck deh sama tugasnya. Aku jg minggu depan udah ujian akhir neh, arrrggghhh...

  2. cie2 enaknya ngedate sama swami. huhui. hehehe

  3. wekekekeke....
    tugas menumpuk, nge-date tetep jalan terus yach jeung...

    good good good...apalagi facebook nya

    *big hugs* thanks buat doanya yach sher *jadi terharu aku*

    mau kado dunks *wakakakakakkakaka*

  4. hohohoho duh romantisnya ngedate ama suami hehehehe :)

    sibuk2 tapi masi rajin blogwalking kan?? hehe :)

  5. waaaah....having a romantic date after being married...
    i wonder how does it feel like???


    guess that'll be lovely.. ;)

  6. semangaaat ama tugas2nya nih, lg mid test:D

  7. :) so sweet


  8. Hai sis, aku juga mau ngedate, huhuhu

  9. Justru perlu itu nge-date stlh married (asalkan ama suami sendiri hehe). Biar mesra teyus :)

  10. Nie..
    we wait your dated story , its great ? impression ? he22

  11. Swimming in programmming artinya apa yah ??

  12. Oho.. penting itu ngedate :)

  13. waaah sibuk ama tugas nih...
    (+)tugas ama suami jugak yah :P

  14. semoga tambah mesra terus , GBU deh ya

  15. :P kayaknya pusing banget tuh kerjaannya, numpuk yah? hehe.. iya tuh, tetep donk tapi nyedia'in waktu buat berdua? sometimes u need a break in the middle of ur busy life, iya gak? ^^

    btw itu facebook mank beneran lebih banyak widgetsnya dari friendster ya? temen"ku pada buat account di facebook juga.. huehe.. ntar nyoba ahh...

  16. he..he.. walau udah married, gak ada salahnya nge-date, memupuk cinta ^_^
    diriku tiap hari juga gak berhenti-berhenti nge-date sama suami, mesra-mesraan...enak lagi, walau sudah ada si kecil, kemesraan wajib dijaga...
    Semoga awet sher sampai ultah pernikahan ke 5, ke 10, ke 15, ke 25 dan seterusnya ^_^

  17. Goodluck buat kerjaannya.. juga Buat paper-nya Lan

    tenang Sher, nge-date abis merried itu gak ada larangannya kok, kan sama suami tercintah.

    have a nice -romantic date :)

  18. Nge date ama misua, napa engga? nganten baru mah kalo bisa kencan tiap hari ...hik hik...

  19. Sherly, masih sibuk kah sekarang?
    Lagi musim apa disana? Gimana kabar miswa mu?

  20. yes yes yes sher..
    i agree with you, we can date after married..
    i did that with si mas sometimes..

    gutlak for Lan..

  21. doooh nyang ngedate,.....bikin iri ajahhhh

  22. Nge-date sama suami? Waaa, romantis banget! :-D

    Sukses buat tugasnya, ya! Juga buat suamimu. Semoga nggak terlalu stress. (Ajak date lagi aja, hehehe...)

  23. wah iya neh lama. ini udah tgl 21 lagi hehhee

    waktu cepat banget yak berlalunya

  24. Woow, counting down the great day. Mudah2an date-nya sukse yah, like the first time. hehe. Dan sukses juga buat conferencnya Lan ;-)


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