It's been almost the whole week, I think, that I always dream about my parents during the night. Either I'm somewhere I've never been or, like last night, I dream I was at home, preparing to fly to UK with my parents.

This is my second time dreaming my parents are coming to UK. I really hope one day it will come true soon.

On the other hand, I am feeling a bit better. I do have a stiff neck and shoulders for 3 days already, appetite is picking up but my taste is still bitter. I just hope the test comes back negative.

Have a blessed weekend, friends!


  1. Semoga hasil testnya bagus ya Sher =)

  2. wah, itu tandanya kamu udah kangen banget sama mereka, sher.. berdoa aja, pasti ntar Tuhan mengatur kedatangan mereka deh ke UK.. :)

    ditunggu ya hasil test nya, semoga sesuai dengan yang diharapkan :)


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