Why so sleepy?

My driving went a little better, today. I've managed to control the steering well, there were just some little things that made it crappy... The major thing is that I was looking for a road on the LEFT, when I am supposed to be going to the RIGHT... Gah... Why oh why I always get my LEFT and RIGHT messed up like that?!

Lately, I've been feeling sleepy and tired easily, although I've had quite a lot of sleep during the holiday. I am not sure why... but I know during the night, while sleeping, my brain is so active that in the morning I just feel so exhausted :( It's as if my body needs a whole lot sleep than usual... and here I am in the office trying to fight this sleepiness :(

Oh well... I know I've got a pile of assignments to mark, so I've got no choice!
Oh, and on top of the sleepiness, lately I would be hungry but can't eat much... I suddenly want those junky food like KFC, McD, etc... what a bad wanting, right?


  1. iya emang junk food gak bagus, tapi gua juga sering craving begituan hehehe.. gak sehat banget deh :P


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