Hey, Mr & Mrs Snow!

Every time you send your little flurry kiddos down around Liverpool, I'd jump up and down happily like a little girl getting her favourite candy. That ONLY happens when I am actually INSIDE the flat and looking OUTSIDE our huge window!
Once I am actually outside, I'd be wishing in my heart, you'd send a little less of your kiddos down, because, hey, it's freezing cold and icy! How about you save those flurry kiddos until AFTER 11 January 2011? Because really, I can't afford having my driving test to be postponed again just because of snow! I hope you hear my plea on this, I'd appreciate it!


A learner who wants to be a proper driver!


  1. hope u'll get ur driving license in 2011 Sher..

  2. masih saljuan terus ya sher..
    moga2 salju nya stop ya pas lu driving test ntar... :)


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