Never again!

I have a thing with thriller, horror, scary, spooky movies! I just can NOT watch them! Even if I *unfortunately* end up watching them, I'd be having troubles to sleep. I am such a visual person that the scenes from the movies would play over and over again in my head, freaking me out :(

Yesterday, we went to the cinema to lift our mood up and Lan chose 'The season of witch', which he thinks was not so scary because there IS Nicholas Cage in it. What the heck?! It turned out I was sitting there and crushing his hand for the whole length of the movie. Call me a coward, but it is just not my cup of tea. I said to him, "you picked the WRONG movie!"
And it didn't end there. I was wide awake last night having the movie's scenes playing over and over in my head while I listened to a background noise of snore.
My eyes are so puffy now because of the lack of sleep. *GAH*

Never ever I'll go into those kinds of movies! I've had enough.


  1. oh serem ya... gua kirain itu bukan film serem. hehe.
    tadinya season of witch itu diambil kantor gua tuh buat release, tapi trus entah kenapa dilepas.

  2. uda lama nih ga nonton film, hehe, cuma sama, aku jg ga gitu suka film yg genre-nya thriller, apalagi horor, mending nonton komedi aja :D


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