Why does the heater break...

When it's WINTER?
Every year, the University always struggles with the heating system, but *note this* ONLY during the Winter? It's freezing cold right now in the building I am in and yeah, it's so not comfortable trying to work while you are cold!!! :(
It's just horrible. There is always a leaking pipe somewhere somewhat...

I hope they fix it soon enough, because I just hate the cold freezing office :(

On the other post, today, I was all thinking about those flood victims in Queensland, Australia. I saw the photos, the videos, 9 metres of water! WOW! That is devastating and making me sad :(
I hope the worst is over and the recovery is going well and those missing people are found safe and alive.

When I read all about natural disasters that's been going on, the abnormal weathers and things that go on in the world, I am really thinking that the end of the world is really near. All that's been prophesied and written in the Bible is being fulfilled one after another.

The Lord is coming, fast!


  1. kenapa heater rusaknya pas winter? ya karena pas summer gak dipake sher. hahaha.

  2. lah, di Inggris dingin ya sekarang? Di Belanda sudah nggak terlalu dingin (dibandingin Desember kemarin), malah sepanjang Januari ini ga bersalju sama sekali loh, malah hujan air (yg menyebalkan sekali).

    Cuma emang sih, kalo pas dingin2 heater ga nyala emang nyebelin bgt tuh. Protes ke petugasnya aja, hehehe

  3. ya di aussie ngeri yak... jadi bengong liat di Tv...

  4. iya yang di aussie emang serem, di brazil juga, skarang bukan cuma jakarta aja yang banjir...

  5. ga kebayang kalo dingin banget tanpa heater , semoga taun depan heater nya ga ngadat lagi yah hehee

  6. Brrr...! Kejam banget itu pemanas ruangan. Buntel-buntel, Sher...!

    Gimana keadaan kamu, musim dingin ini kan lumayan juga dinginnya?

    Jason kena eksema bayi, sampai sekarang belum tahu apa sifatnya sementara (cuma sampai 1 tahun), atau seumur hidup. :-(


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