Hello, 2011!

Hey, 2011!
It's only been 23 hours and 16 minutes, but I am positive that the new year will bring new goodness, new blessings and new success. 2010 was a year that went by so fast, that it was a blur when I tried to remember anything. Out of all the good things that happened, one stood out: Lan submitted his thesis. :)
Thank you, Jesus, for the everlasting guidance, blessings and teachings in our daily life and marriage in 2010. It could not be better than what You have given to us.

Moreover, thank you for the new year ahead. We surrender all to You. Our lives, our worry, our dreams and wishes, Lord, You know. May Your will be done in our lives and marriage.

For the holiday season, we did not really do much... We stayed at home, and I mostly caught up LOTS of sleep. The gloomy days helped to make it easier to sleep than to do anything else.
Christmas dinner was a saved-disaster... I planned to do roast chicken, but for some reason, the chicken went bad, so I had to switch to bacon instead. In the end, Lan still enjoyed it. :)
Boxing day, I spent with Yuni, who happened to spend her holiday with her parents-in-law here in Liverpool. We did some shopping together in Liverpool One. The next day, Lan and I went to Cheshire Oak to the factory outlets. We did some crazy shopping too, hehehe...
New Year's Eve was spent at home, second try for the roast chicken (after getting a new chicken, of course!). It was delish! Loved it when I get to cook successfully like that, it pays off to see how much Lan enjoys my cooking. Then, the new year's countdown was spent on looking at the fireworks outside our window. We even saw people trying to 'fly' paper lantern (and apparently they were not the only one!). The dark sky was pretty with the paper lanterns and the fireworks! Oh, I smiled and said my prayers, hoping and believing the new year brings better days. Lots of new adventures are waiting ahead of our family, that I know! And The Lord will be with us, always, that I believe!

Well... I hope you all had an awesome holidays! I guess we soon have to go back to our activities. I have to start my driving lesson again on Tuesday... so yeah...

Happy New Year 2011 to all of us!
The Lord bless the new year ahead. :)


  1. happy new year ya sher!! :)

  2. Happy New Year Nie !
    bener skali thn 2010 berlalu dgn sangat cepet .

  3. happy new year sher :)
    memang taon ini berasa cepet banget..

  4. puji Tuhan kali ini biar winter very bad tapi kamu sehat ya, Sher....

  5. Happy New Year Sher, iyaa rasanya tahun 2010 berlalu dgn cepet bgt. :-) Wish you all the best untuk 2011 ya.


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