Introduction: Arrival.

Moments before landing to Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA), my heartbeats were faster than ever. The feeling of fear and teary eyes overwhelmed me. "What if... they don't like me? They hate me?" I asked so many 'what-if's, and for each one of them, Lan calmed me that everything will be great, they will love me. By the time, we landed, I just had to trust Jesus and Lan that I will enjoy this trip more than I expected it to be.

The queue for the immigration check for me was longer than we expected, we had to be in different lines, Lan with his Chinese passport and I with my own passport. It made me more nervous.
The moment of truth arrived, holding our luggages, we passed the door of the airport's arrival... So many people there waiting for their loved ones, but Lan?! He cannot recognize any familiar faces! God, what is with Lan?
"Lannnnnn!!!!" That's someone... running and waving at us. It was Mama. She gave us hugs and held my hand. Papa is sleeping at one of the chair, she said. When she held my hands, all my nerves and fear were gone. I felt I am welcomed at my home. My new home, but feel so warm.

From the airport, we got on the shuttle coach to the city center, to Mama Papa's home. Through the coach's window, I swallowed as much as I could the pictures of Beijing; high buildings everywhere, more cars than I ever saw, streets so wide (widest I ever have seen, 8 lines++), bicycles and people like colonies of ants! The city is celebrating the upcoming Olympic with many posters of the Fuwa Olympic Mascots almost everywhere.
Through all those business, I feel small like a little girl coming from a village. I thought I am going to dislike Beijing just as I dislike Jakarta, but, I fell in love with Beijing. A city, though with some disorders, I still can find somewhat rules and disciplines that drive the city.

Coming home, we have some dinner, which Papa cooked, and unpacked. The content of our suitcases are gifts anyway, so it did not take long. I am glad that Papa Mama love the gift I gave them. They also gave me gifts that touch me deeply; the gifts of being their daughter, their family member, their beloved. For that, I am forever grateful. Thank you, Jesus, for the chosen one and his family.

Ps. I just knew that MP is blocked in Indo now... Well, I will try to upload the photos in flickr *probably* later.
Witnessing d The Lord's choice in my life,
I am forever thankful for what He had done and is doing in my life.
For He makes everything perfect in His time with plenty of sweet surprises along the way.

- nie, 10 April 2008.


  1. *terharu*

    Syukur banget, semuanya berjalan lancar!

    Lanjut! :-D

  2. wahahaha, jadi pengen ke Beijing neh... :) Ditunggu nih kelanjutan ceritanya, hehehehe... :)

  3. Niee. ..
    I just read your story meet Lan Families in Beijing ...
    We feel deg2an too as you feel at that time .
    Feel warm too as you thought that time , he222
    hows happy you are .. Thanks for sharing ..

  4. one of the sweetest post everrr!!


    im really happy for you, hope you'll have a super great time bonding with ur in-laws

  5. Legaaa...gimana juga khan mereka ketambahan anak cewe yach...

    Sher, makasih ucapannya yach.

  6. syukur semua lancar2 aja, jadinya sampe sana siapa yg kena serangan jantung??

  7. wah sher, u r good in telling story deh, bacanya bil ngebayangin dr turun plane-imigrasi,clingukan nyari keluarga lan,liat beijing street pertama kali, petualangan bgt yak..


  8. emg di cina ngga kebuka nya kenapa ? klo di indo kan gara-gara ini tp barusan aku cb buka ternyata sudah bisa.


    Ada rencana ke Beijing lagi ngga pas Olimpiade nanti ? :D

  9. Leganya..diterima dg baik kayak anak sendiri ya Sher.
    Mertuaku juga baik gitu, jadinya aku merasa beruntung juga.

    Aku dah liat foto2nya di multiply..bagus-bagus..keliatan bgt suamimu sayaang ama istrinya :)

    maskotnya olympic lucuu bgt ya!

  10. emang kl pertama kali mo ketemu mertua, deg2an ya bo hihihihii

    seneng deh bacanya kl lu di terima dgn hangat :)

    mampir mp lu ah ;)


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