Beijing Part 3: Home where I belong

Thank God, it's Friday now... I am very tired this week, been sinking in programming mode, because my supervisors have been pushing me to finish it off...
Anyway, here is the continuation about Beijing trip. One thing that I enjoyed the most was not the shopping, was not the great delicious food, but was the family I came in to. I can proudly and comfortably say, now, that Lan's home is my home and his family is my family.
Even though I cannot really speak Mandarin, but they were very patient with me, never tired to repeat and try to speak as simply as possible so I can understand what they were telling me. They don't laugh at me, but they laugh with me... Papa called me "My little girl!" in front of all his family when we were having dinner. Mama cares and loves me as much as she cares for Lan. She always made sure I wear enough clothes, so that I won't catch a cold (I'm a warm blood type, which, even if it's winter, I don't wear much clothes!). And when I really caught a cold, she treated me like my own mother would treat me and complained to me "Why didn't I wear enough clothes?"
Ah... I missed everyone. I miss Lao Ye and Lao Lao (grandpa and grandma), they cooked specially for me, very delicious dumplings (Lan told me, they don't cook those dishes that often). They really loved me the way they love their own grandchildren.

Beijing is a home where I belong now...
Two days ago, Lan told me that Mama sent an email. She said she cried in one of the shopping malls in Xidan. More precisely, she was crying in the toilet. She said when she went there, she remembered me... Yes we were there together, in fact, I was waiting for her there, although she told me to go. Ah... Mama. You touch my heart.
I love and miss you too. Looking forward to be with you again very soon... one day.

Happy weekend, my friends.


  1. wah enak yach... di care gitu ma parents in law and u looks so happy... met wiken yach... gbu

  2. aku mauuuu punya mertua kya gitu...


  3. glad to hear that, sher....

  4. yg paling sedih itu pas pisahnya ya. kalo ke sesuatu tempat, sering keingat lagi

    rasanya pengen vacation yg never end hhehe

  5. wuaaa, keren, haha...

    that must be the most precious gift of all yah... :)

  6. sher, u r so lucky..baru masuk udah merasa comfy sama kel Lan!!


  7. Halo sisss maaf ya baru mampir lagi. Your story with Lan's family was so touchy. Aku mau punya mertua kayak gitu :D

  8. Wow.. you're a lucky one. U must hv been very special for them. You are special indeed ;)

  9. Seneng ya, disayang mertua....:)

  10. :-D
    Senang banget dengar kalau kalian langsung cocok dan saling menyayangi. Sekaligus sedih juga, karena kalian terpisah jarak. Saling menguatkan aja, ya...! :-)


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