Monday, November 08, 2004

Quiet Weekend

Well, since people are asking how was my weekend, I might just post about my weekend. Hmmm... I haven't done much really... On Saturday, I woke up late around 11 am, cooked some fried nodles with some chicken and veggies. It was nice.
Then I spent almost the whole day trying to figure out what my supervisor asked me to do for my maths assignment. Well, it almost made me blown up since it sounded so impossible to do whatever he asked me to do. So I thought, "Well, maybe I am just too tired. Let's stop and do it tomorrow."
Hence, I went back to my room from the computer room, had my dinner and did a little bit of cross-stitching before I actually went to bed.
I brought the cross-stitch pattern and materials from home. Mum bought it for me. I enjoy doing it, even though it does take ages for me to do one (when others can do it quicker than me :p). It is because I do it when I feel like doing it and when I actually have time to do it! However, I love it! I have been doing it since I was in elementary, Mum taught me. And right now, I am doing a 3-D pattern, which I have never done before. It is much more harder and complicated; I have to be more attentive, accurate and patient. The picture consists of some houses, a river with a bridge and some trees. Really nice I think... I will be very satisfied by the time I finish it. :D

Sunday... I woke at 9 am, walked to Church at 10.20 and came back at 1 pm. Then my phone rang... My parents. I had a long conversation with Mum... The last several weeks, I have always been crying when I talked to her, I don't know why really. Would it be because I miss her or missing the time when I can actually talk to her face to face? I am not sure...
Yesterday, she sounded really serious when she said that I am a grown-up woman, who is not really grown-up yet. I fully agreed with that... Facing my birthday in several days time, I am actually scared. I feel like I don't want to have my birthday this year...
Twenty... is not suitable YET for me. I don't feel like 19 after all. I would be very happy if I can turn my age back to 5 years old again.
Time really goes fast... Too fast, I am afraid. It flys away like a breeze. It is like waking up from a long dream and facing a radical reality in front of me. Yesterday, I just arrived here for the first time and now, I am already in my final year of Undergraduate *Where did the 2 years go?*

If anyone ever ask me why do I want to be a 5-years-old, the answer is: Getting older means more responsibilities *To whom that knows much, much will be required*
Not that I am not a responsible person, it is just that I feel not ready...

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