Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I Want to Go Home...

I have been saying that sentence so many times lately. Over this week, I have been really homesick... My brother is flying home for good from Australia tomorrow and won't be leaving home until September next year to come along with me here. So he will be having a full 9-months holiday at home, how nice...
I want to be at home... I want to feel the togetherness of my family again... Now that both I and my brother studying abroad, we don't have much time to gather together as a whole family. I don't know... It is just this week that I feel emotionally homesick.
I heard English people on the bus saying that they are going home on Friday for the weekend. I wish... I really wish my home is also not a great distance from where I am right now.
I will not be going home until July next year, which means: I will be alone this Christmas & will be alone again in Easter.
I suppose, no matter how much I am used to living by myself, there are times when I really feel so homesick and want to go home...
July... I will be waiting for it to come... I want to go home!

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