What A DAY!!

Okay, today was the first day I started my fifth semester. It supposed to be a relax and a light day, but it wasn't *sob sob sob*
I woke up at 7 AM in the morning with a massive effort, and went out much early then the time I usually go out to catch the bus. And it was raining... (the rain is sort of like sprinkling down... you know... It made me wonder whether it was convinient to wear an umbrella or not, since... I was still wet even when I had the umbrella on top of my head. Annoyinggg!!!)
So there I was, waiting for the bus, joining with the queue, which I can express as a train jam. I looked at my watch... 10 minutes passed already and I was still waiting for the bus. I thought to myself: "I am gonna be late; looking at this more-than-long queue and with the bus all full!!!" I am helpless and hopeless... Six buses passed the bus stop without any attempt of slowing down, they all were FULL!!!! Arrggghhh... It really got into my nerves!! 30 minutes later, I finally got onto the bus... Relieved but annoyed and worried... 'I AM already lateee!!!'

As soon as I got off at the nearest bus stop to my lecture rooms, I ran as fast as I could. I did not go straight to the class, I was meant to be in, I went to my project-supervisor first, since I promised him to submit my manuscript before 9 o'clock. It was already 9.20 AM, what can I do, huh?! Afterwards, I went down to the classroom. Guess what?! It was EMPTY!!!
I was wondering... 'Did he (the lecturer) changed the classroom?!' So I went to the office to find out what was actually happening, then half way I met a friend, who supposed to be in the same class as me. She said: "It has been CANCELLED." "What?!"
I was quiet afterwards... Really don't know what to do then. I want to be angry, but to whom?! I want to complain, but does it resolve anything?! (Kesellll gitu lhoooo kalo diIndonesiain!)
There was no notification, no e-mail, no information... *Sighs* I guessed I just have to move on with the day...

At 10.00 AM, I went to see my project-supervisor as arranged. I thought it was not going to take up 1 hour, but it did. So there I was, dongkol and tried to understand his explanation of the things that I have to do next. 10.50 AM, finally he finished and I was rushing to go to another building to meet another lecturer about another topic. We talked and discussed and 45 minutes had gone... Time to say goodbye. I had to, once again, rush myself back to the Maths building (where I met my supervisor) to attend my last lecture of the day at 12.00. And I was already exhausted... So tired and drained from all the energy I had early in the morning.
I did not even had time to go to the toilet, how bad was that?!

The lecture was boringgggggggggggggggg. All we had was revision, which I had seen for don't know how many times. Hik hik... it was not really worth having this day today... Then I went to the Financial Office, was planning to pay my tuition fee today. The queue was so longggg... Oh God, I almost fainted there. So, I just forgot about the plan of paying it today. Maybe tomorrow I will do and have to do!
I was so hungry... my stomach ached! Huh... gastric was on the way?! Oh well, so I was rushing again to get something to eat with my friend. I was like an empty human walking on the street, thinking blankly with no energy and not a splash of happiness at all about the day that I have had.
After lunch (late lunch), I felt better but... not much. TIRED and EXHAUSTED!!! On the way home, AGAIN *Urrrghhhhh* I was on this massive queue for the bus. I took me an hour to get home, it usually takes me 20 minutes to get me home. So... I suppose you all know how I feel now about today. Oh God, I am tired, really really tired. Good massage will be VERY VERY appreciated! *grins*

I guess now I can relax for a bit and let my homeworks wait for another day. My friend, who has just came back from Indo, lent me the VCD of 'Eiffel... I'm In Love'. She said it is a really good movie. Despiting her opinion and whether the movie is really good or not, I am still grateful for her to lend me the VCD, because the movie will give me time to relax... Oh yes, I really need that!!
By the way, lately I have been MISSING Oen-Oen so much.... What is going on?! I feel like I want to just fly to him and hug him *blush*. (di-Indonesia-kan: Sindrome Malarindu Tropikangen) Hehehehe... Aneh-aneh aja yah daku ini?!
Anyway, God bless this week for everyone! Cheers! *smile*


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