Monday, September 06, 2004

A Surprise Offer from the Professor!!

Adoeeehhhh... aku bener-bener happy deh... Aku baru aja selesai meeting sama supervisor projectku regarding epidemic yang sebenernya aku kerjain during this holiday until 25 Sept 2005 nanti. Tapi... yang lalu pas dia pergi ke Amrik untuk seminar, aku stuck. Bener-bener stuck. Aku sampe tanya ke dua dosen senior di Maths Department, mereka juga pada nyerah.
Dan tadi, pas meeting supervisorku untuk yg pertama kali setelah gak ketemu 3 mingguan, dia bilang: "Well, the project is much more complicated than I thought it would be."
Trus akhirnya, kita diskusi. Dia ngejelasin beberapa point dan ngebantuin aku untuk memperbaiki my programming in Matlab untuk ngegambar graph yang dibutuhkan. Trus, sebelum mengakhiri meeting, dia bilang:
"I thought about it and I will be very happy if you can take a project module for the next semester. Then we can continue to work on this project during one semester. Then, we will have plenty of time to discuss everything that looks complicated right now. And at the end, if we suceed, I will make your work as an official 'paper', and I will put your name as the co-author."

Wow!!!! That's my reaction. Oh my God... That is a brilliant offer. Taking his offer will mean that I have to change on of my chosen modules next semester. And... the worst is: having to do a presentation!!! (I hate presentation!!! uuughhhh...)
But it's still an excellent offer, I think. Oh God, I think I'm taking it. What do you guys think then?
I still cannot believe it... It is unbelievable amazing...
Thank you, Lord!!!

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