Long-distance Relationships

Lately, I found the same phenomenon happened to some of my friends. It is about their relationships with their girlfriends. Yes, some of the boys told me about how irritating it is when they were being 'tested' by their girlfriends.
Well, all of them are basically have gone through the same process. They are all in long-distance relationships (LDRs) (even though they are still in the same country, but different cities). You know how nowadays LDR couples communicate through the Internet and SMS. What the girls did was... Pretending to be someone else (another girl!) on the Internet (or they even bought a new SIM card and SMS their boyfriends with the new numbers) and try to 'catch' the boys with the accusation that they are too easy-going with other girls or even saying that the boys are playboys!
I don't know what you would comment towards this, but for me, it is rather IRRITATING (even if it was done by my fellow creatures-females). I found it so childish to 'test' my boyfriend - who is even more miles away than those girls' boyfriends. It is like showing that you don't fully trust your boyfriend, whereas he tries his best to not misuse your trust. You will be surprisingly regret what you do - testing him - when you know his reaction and feelings towards this.
From what I know, the boys, who told me about their girlfriends' tests, are deeply disappointed and sad. They wonder... 'Is it because I don't show my love her enough?' (then what if your boyfriend is not very good at expressing his love in words? He can't just go to wherever you are to show it, since he is miles away.) or 'What am I to do to gain her trust?'
You see... something that maybe what you call 'collecting the truth' from him, which you think won't do harm to him, can be something that is irritating and hurting him so much... And... It is possible to affect your relationship in a negative way, badly.
Long-distance relationships are based on TRUST and LOVE, of course. If you can't trust him enough... then what's the point? You are building a relationship with no foundation. Even a close relationship, where your boyfriend is just 20 minutes away from your house, needs trust. You can't just keep monitoring where he goes, what he is doing 24-7, right? I am sure if you are monitoring him like that, he'll get very mad and irritated by you. So... women; those who are having long-distance relationships with their boyfriends, please be wise and don't be childish and do a silly things like those girls who've done it to my friends. I plead. :)

Next topic, I got an infection in my throat now. In fact, it is not getting better, but worse. *sob* Luckily enough, Mum brought me the right medicine for that from Indonesia, hehehe...
By the way, maybe this is the right time to say it, since I don't know how busy I will be starting Monday. Well... I have to say farewell to my beloved laptop on Tuesday *See you soon, my laptop...* I don't know how I am going to cope without it, since I love it so much and been living every day with it. 'Where is it going?!' It is going for a repair *at lasttttt*. The camera is still broken since a month ago... that Sony Vaio Customer Service is dead slow!!! I am paying for their service, but it is really disappointing me. Hummm... However, I am hoping for the best; hope it takes only a short amount of days to get fixed *they said at least 10 days...*
Hiks... I will be missing you... my laptop. *kayak apaan aja aku ini yah?! Tapi emang bener, aku sedih banget bakal pisah ama laptop daku. :(*
In this case, as the result, I can't get online as often as I usually do. But I will always try to get online and update my blog. ^^

Wowwww... This is a long posting... Hehehe... God bless!


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