22nd hour of year 2007

It's already the 22nd hour of 2007, time surely flies so fast. The first day has almost finished, and time keeps rolling fast unwantedly. The new year's eve sparkles still linger and many told about how they celebrated it with friends, family, or their beloved ones.
Well, for me, there's nothing fancy about it. We just gathered together at my parents' room, watching Spiderman and eating Chitato, hehehehe... It might not seem very fun, but just being with my family, that's a great gift from The Lord. I remember, last year, I spent the new year's eve with my brother, Erwin, in Brighton. In his small dormitory room, we sat on the bed, eating crisps and watching Korean drama, waiting for the countdown. When it was the time, we watched the fireworks on the dark sky from the window. It seems so simple, yet, it lingers in my memory.
Why? 'Coz I don't get to be with my family so often. Hence, every opportunity I have to be with any one of them feels so sweet and priceless.

Before I slept, I said my give-thanks for the year that just passed. I learnt so much... about life, people, friends, love, marriage (the entrance to it) and, especially, the guidance of my Lord Jesus Christ through every moment; happy and sad, tears and joy, every part of my life has proved the existence of my Jesus and His faithfulness. So to Him, all the Glory, Honour and Praises. Amen!

I shall keep it short for today, I am still thinking about what I shoud write on my Mum's birthday card. Her birthday is on 3rd January.

Once again, Happy New Year, my friends!!! Jesus bless you!


  1. cepet yach waktu berlalu...
    Jesus berkatimu juga, Sher.

  2. Kehangatan suasana bersama keluarga selalu merupakan anugerah yang terindah.

  3. time definitely flied too fast.

    all the best in your future endeavour. may all the wonderful things coming your way this year xoxoxox

  4. sama! kemarin pas udah ibadah malam taun baru di gereja trus pulang makanin parcel kiriman kerabat (termasuk chitato) sambil nonton spiderman. nungguin spiderman 3 kah dikau kak sher?

    selamat tahun baru sista, Tuhan Yesus memberkati...

  5. 3 Jan hari ini dong, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ya buat mamanya, wish her all de best... :D


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