My new buddy

For the last several weeks, I have had a new 'friend' accompanying me all the time at home. So, who is it?
It's a Brazilian turtle that I bought at a supermarket the last time I went to Surabaya. Since, we travelled by car at that time, we put it in a small glass bottle and brought it to Denpasar. Hehehe...
Until now, I still don't know whether it's a male or female. I just have no clue at all! My mum named it Lan-lan. *don't ask why she gave that name, 'coz I don't know either!*
My turtle loves to eat and very clever. I give fish food, vegetables and mosquitos sometimes (if I manage to catch one! :P). And when it's dinner time and it sees me close, it'll come and approach me. Hehehe... so cute. It is fun to have a pet. I'm enjoying it very much. :D

As the date is drawing near, I am growing nervous to the interview time. Yes, I got an invitation for an interview by phone on 18 January 2007 by UWE for a studentship for a PhD position in applied Mathematics. On the other hand, I am still waiting for the research proposal from my supervisor from UofL for the scholarship application procedure. As I probably have said, I prefer to return to UofL because the rating and the achievement of the University is much better. Please pray for me, friends!

Well, I think that is all for now. Until the next post, friends! Jesus be with you and bless you! Adios!


  1. Aku pernah punya 2 ekor. 1 ilang entah ke mana, yg atunya lagi mati :(

  2. Wah, good luck ya buat interview sama research proposal-nya... :D Moga2 dapet deh... :)

    Kura2 kayake lucu ya, tapi ngerawatnya susah ga?? :D

  3. all the best buat interview nya ya...
    lan2 masih imud :D

  4. weits.... kura-kura bernama Lan-lan...??? imut bneer?? heheheh...

  5. foto ga gt kliatan seh sher,tapi klo yg jtn ciriny karapaksny warna rada hijau tua n bagian kepalany (liat tanda yg muncul di sktr mata yg rada lancip) warnany rada orange bgt, sdgkn klo yg betina warnany hijau muda n bagian kpalany orange kekuning2an. klo pgn liat lbh seh y...bagian vitalny ngumpet dekat ekor ^^

  6. lho kok kura2nya namanya lan-lan b-( mau satu dong.....


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