295. & the time is near

Yesterday, I finally chatted with Lan again after being not able to contact him in the days, where he was on the flight home and taking a rest afterwards.
Both of us miss each other so much that we can't wait for the day we will meet each other again. He said he is coming soon; at the end of this month or early next month. I am excited and I know, my parents are also expecting his visit. They keep asking about the date he is coming and about his news. I take it as a good sign. So far... my parents are positive when we talk about Lan.

Another thing that makes me double happy is that when he is coming to Bali, he will be baptized. Praise the Lord for that! I am really proud of him, even when he was back in Beijing, he went to church by himself to church! Something that I did not expect. Oh, I am so joyful! God bless him! And I feel blessed.
My brother, Erwin, arrived safely in Brighton on Sunday. Next Monday, the second year of his Architecture study will begin. I am proud of him and I know he is able. God bless him and be with him always. Amen.
Okay, that's all for now. I am going to sleep. I am better, but still feel very weak at times. Till the next post!

God bless you all!

Update: Lan is coming on 4th October 2006!!! Yipee!! I can't wait to see him again!!! I miss him soooo much :p


  1. waaa..
    bentar lg lan dtg niy..
    mw ketemu camer ya??

  2. lagi2 siap2 menyambut lan dong ye...facial2, manicure, pedicure. kekekekkekee
    GBU always sis

  3. wah i'm oso happy for you sis *hugs*

  4. wah... seneng donk sher.... bentar lagi ketemu kan.. hhoohooho... siap-siap menyambut Lan donk....

    GBU ya...

  5. hhmmm... cie yang lagi seneng.. wakakak..

  6. hi sherly ....udah dibali yach ...
    OMG i'm really2 sorry .....te kade ketinggalan banyak cerita ......
    selamat udah tunangan yach ...aiaiai my lil girl bentar lagi bakalan naik pelaminan :) ...wish you both all the best .... and mudah2an ya yayang seneng pas main kebali

  7. Aseeknya yang mau didatengin pacar nih...eh fiance yaah sekarang...

    orang tuanya Lan dateng juga nggak? waaah Praise the Lord, ternyata Lan terpanggil juga yaah...

  8. wah, senangnya...
    sik asik asik, nak enak enak hehehe
    judule lg menghitung hari dong ya:-)
    cepet sembuh ya sher.

  9. wah..disusul ama si doi..asyiikk....tak tahan dia ditinggal

  10. Praise the Lord!
    Praise the Lord!
    Praise the Lord!

    seeng sekali dengar kabar tentang Lan...i'm so proud of you sis...and i'm happy for you too...

    May both of you be blessed and May you live your life together in Christ and love...God Bless...

  11. amin

    how's everything going?

  12. Waaa, dah mau nikah dong... :P >> apaan seeh?? :):) :)

    Selamat yah... :)

  13. Sheerrr...

    kayanya bentar lagii niihh...Jangan lupa yah nanti undangannya disebar ke jakarta hehehe ^_^

    Sukses deh pokoknya Sher , semoga bisa ketemu lagi ma LAn nyah ^^

  14. whoaaaa lagi sumringah kedatengan tamu spesial nih;)


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